The Growing Impact Of Technology On Recruitment

With the advent of the internet, social media, and high-tech applicant tracking systems, a world that was once dominated by a reliance on prospective employees haphazardly finding your company, now requires employers to take a proactive approach to find and source candidates by pushing their brand, casting the net, and funneling down the candidate pool to find the best and right candidates, not just for each individual job posting, but for the company as a whole.
The application process should be simple and focused, with the ability for candidates to save their information and apply from a variety of devices

It’s No Longer Wait and See

As human resource and recruiting professionals, we can no longer just wait for the right candidates to find us. The days of placing an ad in the newspaper or online job board and waiting for the resumes to pour in are long gone. Technology has changed everything. In today’s competitive job market, HR and recruiting professionals have to be marketers, they have to be salesmen. Just as marketing and sales leaders know that a company online presence can provide powerful inbound marketing advantages, HR leaders must build a strong employer brand, online and offline, to attract the best and brightest job candidates.

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