Two Disruptive Technologies that Will Change the Face of Financial Services

Much has been written about the global forces gathering to create a ‘perfect storm’ in the world of banking, causing unprecedented pressure on the financial system. There’s economic volatility, seemingly never-ending regulatory change, customers demanding slick, easy and convenient digital experiences, and a new type of competition from FinTechs. Additionally, there is an unprecedented level of innovation in technology, with Blockchain, Open APIs, Cognitive Learning, Advanced Analytics, Robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) all likely to become a critical part of our everyday business lives in the near future. Never has it been more important for financial institutions (FIs) to embrace these technologies. Let’s take a look at a couple of these new technologies that, when combined, will enhance customer experience and allow FIs to be more competitive

​The potential of IoT and Blockchain to create new business models is incredibly exciting

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