Visual Enterprise Architecture: Strategic EA Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

Technologies such as cloud are profoundly impacting the way an enterprise competes in today’s global economy and has brought Enterprise Architecture (EA) in the limelight. The organizations’ need to quickly adapt themselves to the changing customer requirements and business goals is encouraging EA practices to evolve as well. Modern EA practices create value by documenting the conceptual blueprint of organization and structuring enterprise capabilities, information, and technology infrastructure. Firms need EA solutions that allow them to better connect with their business units to fulfill their organization’s goals. Well positioned to address the needs of organizations, Darien, CT based Visual Enterprise Architecture (VEA) offers a set of comprehensive solutions for managing EA program, enabling enterprise architects to focus on strategic objectives and manage the alignment between technology and business.

The company offers extensive solutions to clients for managing their business strategy, information, processes, services, people, applications, and technology architecture. VEA EA solution is driven by the ARIS — platform used for analyzing and optimizing business processes for better productivity — that enables its clients to analyze the vital relationships between each of the various components and directly impacts work flow. “Our approach combines strategy, architecture planning, business process performance, and information management to optimize your people, systems, and technology,” says Zach Bennett, CEO and Chief Enterprise Architect, VEA.

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