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Our Crowdfunding Platform POC is at its version 1.36. We are looking people to join our Crowdfunding Tribe to further develop this App Idea in to full solution.

I am planning to run separate CF iniative to our Charity Program Playground. Lifetime Studios In-The-Works.Apps will run their own CF Campaigns fe. in Kickstarter later this year.

Personal Development 2016–2018 ; Reflection

I need to update my CV to reflect my Projects previous years in such manner that I can get IPMA Project Director Certificate from IPMA. I wish that certification would give our Customers better ground of paying our daily consulting pricing.

Update Process ; Characteristics of IPMA Levels B and A

One night only ; LinkedIn Update -> European CV Update -> Products Update -> IPMA Certification Process CV Level B -> IPMA Certification Level A

Characteristics of IPMA Level B are as follows;
Experience. Three years in a responsible leadership position in the management of complex projects, plus two additional years in project management. All five years of experience must have been obtained during the last eight years.
Candidates will be expected to provide evidence that they have done the following:
Were responsible for all project management aspects of a complex project.
Managed a large project management team and led managers of sub-projects.
Used appropriate project management processes, methods, techniques and tools.
Characteristics of IPMA Level A are as follows;
The overall requirement for becoming Certified IPMA at Level A is that the candidate has broad competence in management of the project processes in a corporation or government agency. This includes two types of situations:
Management of complex project portfolios of a corporation or department which includes projects of various complexity.
Management of complex programmes which includes various types of projects and initiatives for achieving the objectives of the programmes.
To fulfill these functions the certification candidate must also possess competences in:
Contribution to strategic management, including preparing proposals to the corporate management.
Managing the support functions for the management of projects, programmes and portfolios.
Managing the promotion of portfolio, programme and project management — including improvement of competencies of project managers and other participants.
Further, the candidate should demonstrate the full range of competences in project and programme management, as specified in the ICB.

What is the Name of the Game?

Lifetime Crowd Investment Portfolio Management TM Studio

Investor; this initiative is for you.

Developer; We are Building Great Apps; join and recruit Yourself to Lifetime Studios.

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