5 Common Misconceptions about Influencer Marketing

In today’s competitive market, Social Media Influencer Marketing is an important element for promoting your business. A unique platform, influencer marketing gives you limitless opportunities to increase your sales when played the right way.

Many companies, surprisingly, still have misconceptions about the scope of social media influencer marketing, which can hamper their plan to successfully promote their business amidst people who look up to social media & these influencers before making a purchase.

Misconception #1: Marketing is an organic process.

Though having a good product or service is the basis of any marketing plan, it needs to be communicated to the right kind of audience. An influencer becomes the key to help you get there before your competitor.

Misconception #2: We are too small, therefore do not need a plan for influencer marketing.

An integrated influencer marketing plan outlines a brand’s target audience, messages to be delivered through the right channels, tactics that can uplift a brand, etc.; eliminating the chance of wasting money.

Misconception #3: We already have a marketing plan in place.

A marketing campaign is a tactic that adds value to the brand promotion. Just like advertisements, influence marketing has been a tactic, albeit powerful, that can bring more credibility to your brand.

Misconception #4: All we need is a social media marketing strategy.

A strategy formed from the fact that social media is pretty much free and easy to use, can be the quickest to fail. An influencer not only comes with a name but with the right skill set to help you achieve your targets by reaching your audience in the best possible and sustainable way.

Misconception #5: We cannot afford another marketing channel.

You have already invested in your business, it is time to invest in growing it. Influencer marketing looks glitzy, but more than that it is a lucrative way of reaching the right kind of people who can invest in your brand/service. Do not rule out a channel because you assume it is expensive.

No matter what you sell, and who your target audience is, they certainly are using social media. If you do not take part in influencer marketing, you will be left out of conversations shaping your marketplace.

Influencer marketing will help you reach the right kind of audience, at the right time, and through the right resources using the right approach.