Video Doorbell Pro, the new Smart Ring now comes with Full HD resolution

Long time ago we talked about Ring and its commitment to create a smart ring that allowed us to see who was knocking on the door sending a video signal at 720p to the mobile phone through a WiFi connection, with different functions of security and remote surveillance .

Now the company has announced to launch of Video Doorbell Pro, the new version of its Smart doorbell that incorporates 1080p resolution camera, able to install it more easily in all kinds of doors and has more functionality.

This new product update allows you to define several different surveillance areas in which the doorbell will try to detect intruders through its system of image recognition both day and night, since a night vision system has been included.

In addition, the speed of the wireless connection has been improved thanks to the use of the 5 GHz band that allows us to leave aside the 2.4 GHz if we have more devices connected to it and it is very saturated. In the following video you can see the basic functions of the device in operation, although the one shown is the previous version of the doorbell.

Price and availability

The new Video Doorbell Pro can now be booked from the company’s website and will be available from online stores starting next May for a suggested retail price of$ 249.

The Ring is a smart doorbell that adds security and convenience to any home. The Ring connects to your Wi-Fi wireless network and operates using an app on your smartphone. It has a video camera that covers a 180 degree angle, where you can see who is knocking the door even if you are not at home and are traveling in another state or even country. Also, it incorporates a microphone and a speaker with which you can talk to the person who is requesting and you can even record the video, which can also be activated using the motion detector. That way, you can automatically record people coming into your house. It is easy to install and its battery lasts one year of charge, although you can connect it using the cables of your old timbre.

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