S. Korea removed Park Geun-Hye but her problems stay

Remnant of impeached president Park Geun-Hye will haunt Far Eastern Asian region for an extended time.

The banner demanding the impeachment of Park Geun-Hye, The Associate Press

The impeachment was completed with the constitutional court ruling but THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Ariel Defense) system that partially brought impeachment to the president who made decision to deploy it into S. Korea, Chinese economic retaliation against THAAD, troubled presidency, shattered political governance and other problems won’t go away with her impeachment.

Yes, it was a unanimous ruling from S. Korea’s constitutional court. Some cheered while others got anger. The whole country was shaken with the ruling came out on the morning of 10 March. All 8 judges of constitutional court agreed to fire the president for her abuse of power and abuse of constitutional law.

Someone posted on Facebook,

“Yushin era is finally over as of today.”

Yushin is the period when president Park Geun-Hye’s father, a military general dictator, self-couped S. Korea and ruled with his ruthless iron fist by torturing and murdering S. Korean people. Couldn’t agree more on the post because Park Geun-Hye was elected as the president with the help of her father’s supporters. Some still misses good old torturing and murdering military dictatorship. Funny isn’t it?

Even with the impeachment of the rogue president, S. Korea faces a lot of difficult problems need to be urgently addressed. The political tension with China due to THAAD deployment is most urgent one. The THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) is missile defense system of US Armed Forces and it incited Beijing government who usually becomes very rigid on any military issue with US and Japan. Park Geun-Hye and US government jointly decided to bring THAAD in S. Korea.

THAAD and Chinese economic retaliation

THAAD deployment decision was made jointly by Park Geun-Hye and US government but she was very much pro-Beijing at the beginning of her presidency. The betrayal of former president Park Geun-Hye wasn’t deliberate. Chinese government misunderstood true identity of Park Geun-Hye and they took her as a China’s friend by risking their relationship with North Korea.

The reality is that Park Geun-Hye is a bone deep pro-US and US supports her full whatever she does to maximize US interests in Korean peninsular The sudden close down of Gaesung industrial complex jointly operated by South and North Korea. Her excuse or the close down was to give warning signal to Pyongyang’s continuous missile test but the international climate on North Korea’s missile tests were much milder then. This proves her hard-line hawks when it comes to military confrontation and diplomacy.

The decreae of K-POP Exports, Arirang TV

Future of Chino-Korean relation after the impeachment

Even more worrisome thing is that the impeachment of Park-Geun-Hye will threaten China’s authoritarian Beijing government as Park Geun-Hye still has friendly image to most Chinese. Chinese government does not want to have 2nd Tiananmen Square uprising or anything similar of the sort. Hidden intention of Beijing on the economic retaliation against THAAD deployment is more on the fear of having the influence from S. Korea’s impeachment of their president.


The invisible economic blockade of Beijing government therefore will sustain for a while not to bring the influence of democracy’s advancement from neighboring S. Korea. That’s why most of China’s economic retaliation on S. Korea is more related to tourism, TV and other contents. Beijing consider the more Chinese exposure to Korean culture the people will have adverse influence from the democracy of S. Korea.

In fact democracy and freedom is weird concept in most Asian countries where Fascistic Confucius culture is mainstream and people tend to obey the authority no matter how it is. Political scandals and corruption allegations are la vie quotidienne of most Asian politics. That is also true to China. The reverse domino effect is about to happen in Far-Eastern Asian region and Chinese government won’t bear another political uprising from this.

Shattered Korean politics

Korean presidency is often called as the emperor presidency where all power is granted to the president of the state and the separation of powers seems not working because of this concentration of power to the president. This presidency is just the imitation of US where President can send US troops to hostile country and notify it to Congress within 48 hours and Troops can stationed there 60 days without congressional approval. This all mighty Caesar like executive power of the S. Korea’s president was granted due to national security concern facing North-South military confrontation but is now criticized by the very political group who want this for their gold war thinking. Korean conservative abused presidency with corruption and scandal and now they blame it as the side effect of the emperor presidency.

Liberal candle light protest VS. Conservative Korean flag protest

Before and after the impeachment corrupted and scandalous conservative want to reform S. Korea’s presidency into European parliamentary system to preemptively prevent political retaliation from liberal however they just try to avoid any corruption and scandal charge they will surely face after regime change. S. Korea’s politics has been like this for several decades and did not improved so much. Even with impeachment of the president the political situation and the confrontation of corrupt conservative and liberal won’t be changed.

Japan diplomatic mess created by Park Geun-Hye

Park Geun-Hye and her regime also created diplomatic fuss and muss between S. Korea and Japan. The forced sex slave (comfort women) deal of Park Geun-Hye faces angry response from most Korean people and is considered to be one of biggest failure of the regime. Apparently pro-Japanese Park Geun-Hye regime may not expect that much of trouble from this deal. The deal is about how Japanese government to apologize and pay back to the surviving forced sex slaves from pacific war and Park Geun-Hye’s foreign minister agreed to accept the deal with mere pay back amount of $ 8.3 million and the apology of diplomatic rhetoric. Most S. Koreans were get furious on the deal and began to build the state of a girl who dragged into force sex slavery all over S. Korea and around the world.

Korean Girl Statue opposing Forced Sex Salve deal with Japan

Japan claims the deal irrevocable and final but Park Geun-Hye’s regime does not even disclose the deal in public. This infuriated S. Korean even further. The new administration to be elected needs to address this issue but won’t be easy to solve.

The issue of North Korea and their nuke

The biggest problem Park Geun-Hye created is the more tensed relation with North Korea who presumably armed with nuclear weapon. The sudden close down of Gaesung industrial complex within North Korea broke all amical relation between North and South Korea. After the close down of Gaesung.

North Korea’s young leader tries his best to develop new missile and nuclear war head which can be carried through the new missile. He may interpret the close down of Gaesung as the sign of imminent total economic sanction and tries to evade it by pushing their missile test and nuclear test to the limit. A lot of us already knows that North Korea’s nuclear and missile test has been tremendously progressed after the Gaesung shut down. This might be the one of biggest adverse effect of the Park Geun-Hye’s failed regime.

Even bigger concern on this is that there’s no clear solution to North Korea’s continuous missile and nuclear test. Without having economic tide with outside world they can freely experiment and develop their nuclear war head and its carriers. US and Japan threatens North Korea with economic sanction but North Korea is one of most isolated countries in the world and there would not be many tools for them to punish this act of mass destruction.

Kim Jong-Un with Nuclear War Head

In short the remnant of Park Geun-Hye regime will last for an extended time in Far Eastern Asian region and causes serious side effects to many countries in the reason with all possible risks. She soiled the region which will take longer period of cleaning. That would be the cost to afford evil as their ally and friend just like Europe did once with Adolf Hitler.

Duke and Duchess of Windsor with Adolf Hitler