Bridgeport, California

Off of the 395, north of the popular skiing destinations Mammoth and June Mountains, lies the little town of Bridgeport, California.

This valley was stumbled upon and eventually became a stopover for miners following the Gold Rush, as it is only a few miles from Dogtown and Bodie.

The Bridgeport Inn

A town like this, full of so much history, is obligated to also have some urban legends. Bridgeport’s is the ghost that roams the town’s main hotel, the historic Bridgeport Inn.

The patriotic lawn at the Bridgeport Inn.

Founded in 1877, this hotel holds tight to its folklore. The full story of the ghost in room 16 — the White Lady — can be found on the Bridgeport Inn’s website.

Years ago when I was decked out in red, white and blue at Bridgeport’s 4th of July.

But this small town is not popular for only its history and its ghost stories but also its 4th of July festivities where this little town of less than 1,000 residents comes to life. This past Monday, July 4, 2016, Bridgeport celebrated its 154th 4th of July celebration!

Although some may think of this place as a town they drive through to get where they are going, it is full of so much more history and excitement!

Definitely recommend checking it out next 4th of July!

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