California Beaches — Pescadero

On the beach-lined 1 Freeway, lies the town of Pescadero, California just south of Half Moon Bay.

I stumbled upon this one-mile stretch of beach on a Sunday. I had a six-page paper due at midnight and I had not started writing it. As I sat down to begin I got a text from my friends attempting to persuade me to go. At first I said no. After a few minutes of writing I realized how fast I was churning out this paper. I called them back and said give me an hour. Long story short, an hour later we piled into my car and headed to the beach…most importantly that six-page paper was done!

We drove out of the Bay Area, to the coast and then turned onto the 1 Freeway. With the beautiful blues of the beach in sight, time no longer existed. We began to not care how long we were driving for. We kept going until we found the perfect place. We pulled into the parking lot of Pescadero State Beach, grabbed our bags and headed down to the sand.

We were down to our swimsuits trying to capture every ray of sunshine we could get. But when we looked around, everyone else was decked out in pants and jackets. We realized that it was incredibly windy but we did not care one bit.

This could just be personal preference, but I have always believed that a bathing suit is mandatory at the beach regardless of the weather. And if it gets too cold that’s what my towel is for, to be used as a blanket!

I cannot speak for everyone on that beach, but my friends and I enjoyed every minute of the sun.

After soaking up enough rays for the day, we concluded it was time for some food. Naturally we pulled up Yelp and began to search. We found a 4.5 star rated taco place near by and decided to check it out.

When we arrived to Mercado & Taqueria De Amigos we were a little nervous because it was in a gas station. I have always been told not to eat gas station sushi but I couldn’t remember the rule on gas station tacos, so we gave it a try.

We paid for the food (CASH ONLY), took it to go and headed back to the beach. Intoxicated by the smell of our tacos we decided to pull into a look out and eat in the car. And oh my goodness…

My San Diego friends — who know good Mexican food — claimed this was the best they have had in Northern California, and I agreed.

After devouring our food we decided to head back to the Bay. We drove through San Francisco, despite possible traffic, to end the drive with beautiful surrounding as well.

And to think, I almost passed up this great day to procrastinate on a paper. I got an A by the way!