An Open Letter to the Boy that Took Me for Granted One too Many Times

Dear boy that took me for granted one too many times,

Thank you. Thank you for showing me that I am good enough without you. For showing me that I am strong enough without you. You made me a better person because of the endless pain you caused me. And yet, I thank you because you made me realize that I deserve better than you, and I always have.

There was a time when you made me happy; everything seemed like rainbows and butterflies. I had no cares in the world when your arms were wrapped around me and your lips were pressed against mine. You made me smile until my cheeks hurt, my stomach flutter with butterflies, and my ears dance with the sound of your laughter day in and day out. Everything was perfect. You were perfect. And I thought I could never ask for anything more. But things changed. You changed. And all at once, all of those joyous feelings disappeared, and that cheerful time vanished. But with the absence of joy came sorrow. It came so quickly and it hurt; it hurt oh so terribly. Now I sit here, alone, wishing that you were only just a faint memory.

I would have given you the world. I would have done anything to please you. You were my world and the only one I wanted. I would have dropped anything and everything for you at the snap of your fingers. But you were too busy trying to impress not only her, but dozens of other girls to hardly even notice me anymore. And I was tired of competing for your time and attention. I didn’t deserve to be the second choice, the one you called when you only needed something. I deserved to be your number one. But I was never good enough for you. I didn’t even cross your mind for a millisecond.

I spent countless nights thinking about you and wondering what I did wrong. I went over numerous scenarios and conversations in my head about potential possibilities that could have pushed you away. I drained my tear ducts over thinking about our broken relationship, but I’ve finally come to a conclusion: it was never anything that I did. You were just being selfish. You were taking me for granted. You knew I would always be there for you. You knew you could always come running back to me like you had so many times before. You knew that you had me wrapped tightly around your finger. But it was just a waste of my time. You were just a waste of my time and this time I’m done.

So, I hope she makes you happy. I hope she fills your life with satisfaction. I hope she gives you the world. And then I hope she rips out your heart and smashes it beneath you one hundred different times in fifty-thousand torturous ways. Because that’s what you did to me. And karma’s a bitch.

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