Dear Taylor Swift, #LookWhatYouMadeMeCode

Dear Taylor Swift,

Your name is one of the most popular singer songwriter names in the software development community. Just look at this textbook (even though it’s outdated!)…

Have you ever thought about learning how to code? Well, let me just say you have SO MANY software developer fans! Just check these projects out.

Look What You Made Me Code

Kathryn Hodge

Project: A video experimenting with the wristbands she gave the audience for her Reputation Tour performances.

Project: Chatbot that gives you Taylor Swift lyrics.

Sara Robinson

Project: A Taylor Swift detector using the TensorFlow Object Detection API, ML Engine, and (of course) Swift! Check out more here.

Irene Trampoline

Project: Analyzing Taylor Swift lyrics using Python. Find out more here.

The Swift Language

Also, if you are a developer, you probably know about the Swift programming language.

It has nothing to do with Taylor Swift (although maybe some day it might!), but I found these responses entertaining.

So Taylor — you are clearly beloved by the Computer Science community. If any of these things sounded cool, stop by the biggest women in tech conference in the world (the Grace Hopper Conference *GHC!) in Houston in the days leading up to your concert! This year GHC 18 is sold out and there are 18,000 attendants ❤

Let us introduce you to the enchanted world of programming. Sparks will fly!

If you have created built something related to Taylor Swift and/or the Reputation Tour and want it included on this post, email me at

Some ideas to get you started:

  • A Taylor Swift Quiz in Python using the Command Line
  • Augmented Reality App with Snakes!
  • Augmented Reality Zombie Face Mask from the Look What You Made Me Do video

Let the games begin.