If given the chance, I would ask you out.

Not out on a gooey romantic dinner in a restaurant. Not a movie date. Just a spontaneous I-don’t-care-if-we-have-class-tomorrow get-together. We’d go to a place we’ve never heard of before. We won’t bring our wallets, just enough change to buy us some hot dogs at a kiosk we’ll pass by. We’d only bring a sleeping bag, a tent and a polaroid camera. Forget toiletries, you’d want nature to be our perfume. ‘Cept for a toothbrush, that’s a must.

You won’t pick me up at my house because you know my dad won’t allow me to go out with you. We’d meetup somewhere else instead, a gas station perhaps.

We’d go to a bus or train station, and we’d backpack to the first place we see with trees, we’d play “Zitch dog” on the way. We’d eat roasted marshmallows, or starve ourselves because we have no idea how to start a bonfire. We’d put off putting the tent up because we’re both lazy to even try assembling it.

And as the sun begins to hide, we’d take pictures of it at 10 second intervals. We’d write the first adjective that comes to mind at the back of the photo.

When night time comes, we’d be watching the stars wink back at us as we try to count them (haha impossible I know). We’d release our inner geeks and have a constellation naming contest. Loser gets a poorly drawn mustache with a marker.

We’d sleep if you want to. I’ve got tons of ghost stories to share anyway. I’d even print pictures of your favorite ghosts, just for the lulz.

Actually, I would just want to keep you awake. So we could talk. I like talking. Talking to you, of course, is my favorite. Nothing’s scripted. Ideas and thoughts are all fluid. I’d slip in an “I love you” and cross my fingers you won’t hear me. We’d laugh at today and forget tomorrow.

Or you know, we could ditch all that and travel forever if only I own a trailer.

If given the chance, I would ask you out.

Because I’m assuming you’d say yes.

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