Where do I see myself in 3 years?

Where does anyone see themselves in 3 years? Can you really plan for the next 3 yeas of your life? If we were all fortune tellers, and knew what was coming next, then life would be boring. Nobody knows what they’re going to be doing, where they are going to be, if their going to get their big break, their dream job, or even better? Nobody can predict their success, or what opportunities are ahead. If you’d asked me this question 3 years ago, I would of said something like “I’m going to be a fancy fashion buyer, hitting up LFW and flying between LA — Milan and London, or working on Henry Holland’s latest campaign, or assisting for Vogue.” I think my life is looking a little different now.

After the death of a childhood friend, I realised that there was more to life then fancy clothes, hair, make up, everyone in competition to look to coolest / trendiest, was anyone actually happy in that industry? What if somebody told you your nose was too big to work in fashion? life, ruined. Life is too short for that nonsense. I realised that I wanted to work in an industry that has potential to impact lives for the better, music. Music helps people, it’s helped me, it brings some sense of sanity to this mad world.

“Where does anyone see themselves in 3 years?”

Well that is a very unhealthy question. Students and graduates are under far to much pressure to have an answer, and a life plan, and that is absolutely terrifying. God forbid are we ever allowed to change our minds.

People walk out of education expecting employers to come running, expecting to breeze through life and land a job instantly with the ‘employability skills’ that we were taught, expecting there to be a ‘thriving job market’ ready and waiting for us, because that’s what our professors told us, right? Wrong. Truth is, I know a lot of people doing way better for themselves without a degree, and a whole lot of unemployed graduates, or graduates who are doing nothing with degree other than stacking shelves thinking, what is the point in that 3 year course? My opinion is, degrees are miss-sold. We splash out up to £27,000 of money that we don’t really have, because we are made to believe that degrees are magical forms that will land us a great career when we come out of it. What’s the percentage of graduates who earn £27,000 more than somebody without a degree? Which begs the question, are degrees REALLY worth it? I enjoy my course, I’m grateful for what I’ve been taught, but I don’t think it’s been worth my money, and I doubt I’ll be using my degree to use in the future.

And me?

My answer is, I don’t know, and i don’t really want to know.

My ‘plans’ in the next 3 years are to travel, work in different countries, meet new people, embrace any cultural opportunities that I get, and see how I can help improve the world. I don’t plan to stay in england, live 9–5 with a mortgage just yet. I doubt the music industry will take me, I want to explore what’s on offer around the world first. I hope there’s more to life than a successful ‘career’ that’ll make your mom proud.

PART 2: Strengths & Weaknesses.


  • Art


  • Persistence
  • Stamina
  • Ability to start something AND finish it properly.
  • Maths