5 Great Lease Deals on Luxury Cars and SUVs

Over the next month, some of the best lease deals of the year are set to be offered up by automakers. If you’ve been considering upgrading to a luxury automobile, then it’s definitely time to start thinking about acting. Right now, as a matter of fact, there are some truly exceptional advertised lease deals for luxury cars and SUVs that warrant your consideration.

Below, we’re going to take a closer look at five such offers. However, as you look over the lease deals that we’ve pulled together, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind about advertised lease deals.

First and foremost, these deals assume near-perfect credit on the part of the lessee and apply to specific trim levels. In addition, these deals can and do vary from region to region and even from dealership to dealership within a specific region.

Finally, remember that advertised lease offers do not include a number of additional costs that will affect both the monthly payment and the amount due at signing. Advertised monthly payments do not include sales tax, and the advertised amount due at signing does not include additional tax, title, license, dealer and other fees that may apply.

Cadillac CTS

The CTS from Cadillac is a great luxury automobile and one that should definitely make your list of vehicles to test drive. While the basic CTS does not offer the same level of meaty performance that you’ll find with the more expensive V-Series CTSs, it does offer enough under the hood to keep most people satisfied. This is particularly true if you choose an engine upgrade to one of V6 options (one offering 335 horsepower and the other 420).

Those interested in the CTS should take a look at the current advertised lease deal. This deal is for $4,699 due at signing with payments of $349. Do note that this deal applies to an ultra-low mileage (32,500 total miles) 39-month lease.

Lexus RC

While sales of the RC may not be as strong as they once were, there’s no mistaking this vehicle as anything but a worthy and fun luxury automobile. What’s most exceptional about the RC is its interior, which feels luxurious through and through. Of course, the vehicle also packs plenty of performance under the hood, making it a fun ride no matter where you’re heading!

Right now, Lexus is offering very attractive lease deals on two trim levels of the RC, the standard 200 Turbo and the 350. For the standard trim level, the current promotional offer is $4,399 due at signing with payments of $329. If you move up to the more powerful 350, the amount due at signing increases to $4,999 and the monthly payments jump to $429. Note that both offers apply to ultra-low mileage (30,000 miles total) 36-month leases.

Lexus ES

While not quite up to the standard of luxury set by the RC, the ES from Lexus is still luxurious by any measure. For the money, it’s also one of the best values in the segment. Reviewers are incredibly positive about the ES for the spaciousness of the cabin and for the comfort of its ride, which always feels silky smooth. In addition, the ES also receives top marks for its safety.

At present, Lexus is offering an attractive promotional lease deal for the base 350 trim level of the ES. This lease deal is for $3,999 due at signing with payments of $299. As before, this deal applies to an ultra-low mileage (30,000 miles total) 36-month lease.

Lincoln Navigator

If you want plenty of luxury out of your SUV as well as plenty of storage space, then the Lincoln Navigator should be on your shortlist. In addition, the Navigator also has plenty of power under the hood, with a towing capacity that bests all but a few of its competitors. Another thing that any one is sure to appreciate about this large SUV is the comfort of its ride, which is unexpectedly smooth for a vehicle of this size.

Right now, Lincoln is offering a noteworthy lease deal for the 2017 Navigator’s base 4x2 trim. The advertised is offer is for $5,284 due at signing with payments of $559. Do note that this offer applies to a low-mileage (31,500 total miles) 36-month lease.

Buick Verano

This last one is admittedly something of an outlier. It doesn’t firmly fall within the category of a luxury automobile. However, once you’ve had the chance to check one of these vehicles out for yourself, then you’ll understand its inclusion on this list. For its price point, it offers one of the most luxurious rides in the compact category, and also features some pretty solid performance and reliability to boot.

But, what really warrants its inclusion is the lease offer that Buick is currently advertising for the Verano. It applies to the base Sport 2017 model with front-wheel drive, with $4,749 due at signing and payments of $199. If you’re a current GM lessee, then you may be eligible for a $500 discount on the amount due at signing. Do note that as with other advertised Buick lease deals, this one applies to a 39-month ultra-low mileage (32,500 miles total) lease.

A Luxury Car or SUV is Just a Lease Away

The above are just some of the great lease deals being advertised right now for luxury cars and SUVs. If you’re interested in any of the above, be sure to keep them in mind when you visit a dealership. However, do remember our earlier caveats, and try to treat these advertised lease deals as a starting-off point for negotiations. Ultimately, you’ll want to get the luxury car or SUV at the trim level and with the options that you want and with lease terms that make the most sense for your needs and budget.

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