ActivateATL was designed to build a more equitable parks and recreation system for all Atlantans, furthering Mayor Bottoms’ One Atlanta vision

City parks and recreation centers have long been places for families, friends, and neighbors to come together. And, parks are more popular and important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic, as we all shelter-in-place and seek safe ways to take care of our physical, mental and social health.

Cities have…

By Bloomberg Associates

It comes around every ten years, but this year, completing the census is even more important given it determines the allocation of funding for public health services and representation in Washington and states across that country, which impacts civil rights issues.

With recent news that The Census…

By Mike Hopper and Mariama N’Diaye, Bloomberg Associates

A year-end celebration for “Team Up For Houston’s Youth” program, featuring Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, former NFL running back Spencer Tillman and students from four area high schools was held at Houston City Hall, Wednesday, May 15, 2019

In 2016, while working with the City of Houston, we found ourselves sitting down with the Principal of a public high school located in Houston’s Fifth Ward neighborhood. We requested the meeting because of a confluence of events: the Houston Health Department…

By Jake Elder, Sustainability, Bloomberg Associates

The City of Paris and 100 Resilient Cities unveiled Paris’ first-ever heat-adapted schoolyard in October 2018. Compared to the current design, the renovated schoolyards are expected to generate a 10% decrease in surface temperatures, a 1 to 3 °C decrease in daytime air temperatures.

It is increasingly difficult to avoid references to climate change in the news. With record-shattering heatwaves this summer, people around the world have felt the effects of climate change. UN Secretary General António Guterres said it best:

“…we are on track for the period…

Hosted by Katherine Oliver (Principal, Media & Digital Strategies, featuring Rose Gill Hearn (Principal, Municipal Integrity)

Mayor Michael Duggan speaking to the crowd at a census rally in Detroit, Michigan.

The first episode of our census series was dedicated to the basics: who gets counted, what the survey is, when it takes place, why it matters, and how cities are preparing for the census.

By Todd Asher, Media & Digital Strategies, Bloomberg Associates

Todd Asher, Bloomberg Associates & Nejia Lanouar, the CIO of the City of Paris.

It takes years and vast resources for urban planners, architects, and engineers to plan and build cities.

With the rise of tech, technologists have been working behind the scenes with government leaders to build our cities more effectively putting their resident…

By Tess O’Brien, Media & Digital Strategies, Bloomberg Associates


For years, conversations around Smart Cities have focused on the technology — the Internet of Things, “big data,” and advanced computing — and the potential impact these hold for our cities. …

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