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Why Preschool

“There’s increasing evidence that children gain a lot from going to preschool,”

- Kathleen McCartney

Preschool is a place where your child can achieve a sense of self, play with peers, explore, and build confidence. For children, preschool Gurgoan is their first experience. Play schools Gurgoan provides an opportunity to learn, to share, follow instructions, kids also determined that they are skilled and can do many things for themselves from small task to tackling bigger issues. To get admission in preschool, kid’s age varies between 2.9 to 5 years old. The playschool’s gives early exposure to letter, sounds, numbers, words, phonemes, drawing, shapes, colour, body parts and other objects, most importantly team work.


The relationships between kids and teachers are very important. Teachers play an influential role in children’s lives. Playschool’s main emphasis is on nurturing the relationships between kids and their families. They help kids to develop the skills to resolve the issues. Along this, children are allowed to participate in indoor and outdoor program’s which combines fun, challenges etc. Participation of these kids in these programs helps to develop their positive self-esteem and self confidence.

Qualities Of Play School

· Focus on language and literary skills

· Focus on analytical thinking.

· Opportunities to learn elementary skills

· Educational programs in which parents are involved and have opportunities to observe and take part in classroom activities.

Hence, Pre-school education main aim is to encourage kids to learn, play, and develop.