Play Schools Gurgaon — Learning Beyond Classroom

Gurgaon is one city that has seen rapid growth in terms of educational systems such as primary schools, public schools, colleges, and universities. During the last decade, primary schools in Gurgaon have witnessed an incredible growth overall. The pre schools in Gurgaon today are offering a healthy and a stress-free atmosphere for the kids to discover new things. Most of the primary schools in Gurgaon offer day care and after care services so that working couples have a convenience. These primary schools give importance to all the traditions and festivals and celebrate each tradition at school so that children become aware of the rich Indian culture and heritage from early years.

Primary schools in Gurgaon are popular for making use of practical life skills for teaching and do not teach repetitive syllabus. Whether it’s about starting a new preschool or running one, the program of a preschool plays an important role. These schools have a set syllabus which is designed for a joyful learning experience and also offering the right amount of knowledge and fun. The methodologies of the new age are used where children are actively involved in all of the learning procedures. The school strongly believes that the values and habits which a child imbibes at this age remains with them all throughout their life and help them in every way possible.

Play schools Gurgaon has the infrastructure which is designed specially by renowned architects. The buildings are well lit, ventilated and meets the standards for earthquake -resistant structural norms. These schools have large areas which are all wrapped up in play, which comes naturally to children and hence they are occupied and react to learning. Moreover, the schools have 24*7 CCTV surveillance to make sure that the child is under constant supervision. These schools also have specialized activity zones such as:

  • Block and construction zone
  • Soft play zone
  • Creative zone
  • Home and imagination zone
  • Music, dance and story zone

Preschools are all about having fun and learning something. It has been observed that children who attend preschool have a higher understanding of basics and gain long term benefits. Preschools are nothing but warm and welcoming cribs where friends are made and communication is built. Preschool Gurgaon has many advantages to offer such as:

· Introduction to the basics

· Learning through play

· Problem-solving and independence

· Learn to interact and socialize

· Exploration and discovery

· Teachings from a qualified staff

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