What Are Cosmetic Tattoos For?

Women typically have make ups to make themselves look stunning and presentable in each single day for their appointments, for work, for school or any event they are to go. It is very costly and time consuming to become a woman. Well, you need to invest to different things like bags, shoes, dresses, make ups and other treatments in the hair, nails and skin. You need to look proper and beautiful for each day to be classy and to be a head turner. You can have different make ups each day so as people will not stick in one routinely you but enjoys the variety of your beauty.

There different things to consider in having or putting make ups. First and fore mostly one should know her face skin tone. Everything must perfectly fit to you. From blush on to lipstick to eyebrows, all should match to your skin tone. You should mix colors that is pleasing to one’s eye and is great to look upon. Know what make up you are to put. Match the density of your make up to the event you are to go. If you are on a party then you should put a little darker and strong make up, if you’re in work you can use natural or light make up. Everything should fall under the occasion.

If you are tired of making make ups every single day then maybe cosmetic tattoos are for you. If you are then wondering how this one works, I will discuss it to you, plus give some tricks and tips to have the perfect cosmetic tattoo for you.

What is A Cosmetic Tattoos And How It Is Done?

These are considered as permanent make up. If you have no eyebrows, light eyebrows or you are tired of making your eyebrow make up then this may help you. It is a fast growing trend in the industry of health and beauty. You can now put down your pencils, lipsticks, eyeliners and eyebrow fillers because you don’t need to make makeups every single day.

If you are curious how thing are done, the concept is similar as permanent tattooing. A tattooist will apply permanent inks using needles to be deposited in to the second layer of your skin commonly known as dermis and is to release pigments for the design. Things used should be sterilized so as to keep away toxicity or infection. The tattooist must be licensed and has gained proper skills and techniques so as thing will be smoothly done.

Getting A Cosmetic Tattoos

Before starting anything, you should first go on skin test to know if the materials to be applied on your skin will not cause any allergic reaction and or toxic effects. After this, you should decide which part of your face will undergo permanent makeups tattoo. You should also know the design like for example in you eyebrows, you must have the shape and arch concept readily since you can’t remove this make up. It should be one that is perfect to avoid regrets. If you don’t have something in mind, then you can refer to the things suggested by the make-up artist, the technician or the tattooist will then use sterile pen to sketch the design and apply anesthetics in the form of gels so as you will not feel the pain tattoo gives you. Using a vibrating needle the technician now will apply the pigment into the dermis and each time the needle penetrates it releases the color and you can feel a little stinging. After the tattooing is done, you can waits for days up to weeks so as the tattoo will fade and have its permanent shade. It is nothing but normal that the cosmetic tattoo will look dark and a little shiny and surrounding tissue will swell and becomes red. You can apply petroleum jelly or cortisone cream to lessen these instances. You can use hot and cold compress to reduce swelling and antibiotics to prevent infection. Do not expose yourself in the sun after tattooing; if it is not avoided then use sun blocks and sunscreens. You should do this in several weeks to prevent post-inflammatory color changes and ruin the entire permanent make up. You should also be aware that this process is not under cover of any insurance so you just secure everything before having one. Say goodbye now to your daily make up routine and hassle free face each day beautifully.

However, if it comes to the point that after some time you feel or wanted to remove the cosmetic tattoo then you must follow certain considerations again. You should know a fact that it is difficult to remove. Since it is permanent you can use common removal techniques such as laser resurfacing or photo rejuvenating where it uses lasers or photo dynamic therapies to remove the tattoo and the appearances of its damage. Another is the dermabrasion in which it is a type of surgical skin planning to remove the tattoos. It is can be physical or chemical exfoliation. You can also consider camouflaging wherein a new pigment is being added to counteract the color of the existing tattoo and attempts to return it back to normal skin color; it is a poor choice as said by professionals. You should know that removal of these tattoos are more painful, time consuming, expensive and laborious than the tattooing itself.

Before making this done- cosmetic tattoo you should make some reviews first from peoples who have experienced it. You can read it to different blogs online and site that offers this. You should be whole hearted in making this done since it is permanent- it is hard to remove and is very long lasting. Know what you really want before entering tattoos. It is really hard to maintain one’s beauty and also it is very costly to look stunning every single day. it is all up to you to decide which will you go, permanent make ups or every day routinely make ups.

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