Willpower Doesn’t Work. Here’s How to Actually Change Your Life.
Benjamin P. Hardy

“Instead of focusing on your behavior, focus on your environment. Your environment — including the people you surround yourself with — is the clearest indicator of who you are and who you’re becoming.”

Thank you for a great article as always! I liked this part and found it to be a very important thing for me to work towards at present.

I believe that changing the environment where you are is very important, because even if we think that the environment can never get in our way of achieving our goals, our sub-conscious mind is taking in whatever is happening in the environment that we are in.

Recently, I came to realize that being around my parents for years- who are highly narcissistic by the way (I still love them and keep hoping that they would look into the mirror and realize someday why things are the way they are)- had actually made me behave in the same way without me even knowing it. It shocked me to the core when I reflected on the way I had behaved to some people later. All along I had always had this thought that I am not like them, and that I will never become like them, but that’s who I was becoming- sub-consciously. I was becoming the very person I hated to become, because of the environment I was in.

It’s never easy when your environment is dysfunctional and you are dependent on them for a lot of things, but it is always possible to change the way you think, make a decision to keep working on it, keep working on getting better even though the results aren’t immediate, and just find a way and commit to cleave from people who you know are draining your energy.

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