Disempower Your Mistakes

You’ve made mistakes, so what? Like spilled water or milk, why mope over it when you could simply mop it? Many times we trip, make a mess or get caught in a web and we stay stuck in the mess long after its stench has diffused. Notice I said we stay stuck, not we are stuck? Yes, we stay stuck because staying stuck is a choice - one we choose consciously or otherwise.

I get it. Some messes are messier than others but we make mistakes more powerful than they actually are when we stay sulking in it. Depending on what we even call mistakes, some situations are meant to be learning curves as to how not to do or be.

It’s okay to even have to deal with consequences of unwise decisions but whatever you do, deal, don’t dwell there.

What I have noticed in my few years of becoming an adult is that we tend to beat ourselves up so much over a mistake that we continue to repeat same or similar mistakes, making it become a repeated cycle of pain, unwise decisions, self criticisms and all.

You made a mess. You are human, clean it and move on! Dwelling in what should have been or could have been better does three things to us - make the past stronger than it was, makes the present appear weak, and the future bleak.

As a young Christian lady seeking to grow my walk with God, I found myself continuously limiting who I am and what I can or cannot do because I allowed what mistakes or inadequacies that existed in my life define me.

You messed up (don’t we all do at some point?) but you are not a mess. Take your lessons and move on. If you tripped because the ground was slippery or wet, would you stay on the floor or stand up, clean the liquid, maybe adjust your clothes and move on?

Sometimes we choose sulking and being stuck because we believe we could have done better or should have outgrown certain tendencies. Other times, it is just so easy to stay blaming our past instead of taking responsibility to heal and move on.

Whatever your reason is, except you have the power to travel into the past and wipe off your mistakes with a giant eraser, stop building a monument out of what should at best be a one year old’s sand castle.

This is a gentle reminder to both you and I that whatever the situation is, deal, don’t dwell.

You deserve to be whole and free. Those shackles are made of air, blow them off.


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