transforming your real estate


liquid digital asset

Bloquid opens up a fundamentally new opportunity for tokenization of mortgage, which annual issue volume is estimated at $ 4 trillion. Project allows real estate owners to get a stable crypto asset β€” Mortgage Unit πœ‡ [MU] by mortgaging their property. The mortgage tokens πœ‡ [MU] are not tied to a particular real estate unit and certifies an equal scope of claims on real estate in the mortgage fund, what dramatically increases its liquidity. The closest analogue of Mortgage Units are mortgage-backed bonds.

The issue of the MU is launched after the signing of two contracts with the owner of the real estate: πœ‡ [MU] tokens loan agreement and a real estate mortgage agreement. A mortgage agreement passes registration and then electronically signed proof of mortgage this data are transferred to smart contract which releases πœ‡ [MU] tokens. Then πœ‡ [MU] tokens transferred to the property owner under the interest-free loan agreement. …



transforming real estate into liquid digital asset

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