A joint account whilst retaining your independence! Can it be true?

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Apr 12, 2017 · 4 min read

When it comes to romance there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than ‘the big day’.

We aren’t talking about meeting the parents or even the wedding — these are joyous occasions in comparison.


For many young couples, the cracks in the relationship start to appear when discussing finances. Whether at a family meal or out with friends, the topic of your first joint account is still a big taboo. It seems that nowadays, going to the bank and opening a shared account is the real ‘big day’ when it comes to lifelong commitment.

Food for thought:

  • The Daily Mail reports that only 34% of people that are married or living together run their finances purely through a joint account.
  • 28% of people either married or living together like to keep all accounts completely separate.
  • 81% of women that do not have joint accounts chose not to so that they can retain their financial independence.

So why the fear?

Do we not trust our partners? Are we scared of losing the last bit of independence that we have? Where has this fear come from?

Some like to protect their earnings from their partner. Equally, there are those of us who are embarrassed by either not earning as much, or they care about their other half’s confidence, and don’t want to be seen as an overpowering force in the household.

People are different and finances can be a huge mental struggle.

There are some among us who don’t want our respective partners to see what is being spent. Again, this can be for the nicest of reasons, such as surprise presents and romantic holidays or, of course, spendings that could be deemed as controversial or a waste of “our” money. Everyone should be entitled to the odd extra here and there though, but who draws the line? To use an outdated term in modern society, who wears the trousers at this point?

Introducing Blossom

With Blossom we are addressing these issues that modern joint accounts bring.

Increasingly, we want an easy way to handle everything on the go using our phones, from booking a taxi with Uber to sharing a moment through SnapChat. We want something or someone else to do the thinking for us.

Financial institutions have been a little slow on the uptake here so we have made the perfect entry into joint money management ourselves.

Blossom is a clean, simple, finance solution allowing for a co-managed joint account in the middle with each partner having their own accounts on the side. All easily managed from one place.

Imagine a world where bills and expenses are handled together but you get to have a bit of “pocket money” on the side. The gas and electricity bill is covered, but you wouldn’t mind going to that gig with the gang or watching the football at the weekend without that lingering feeling of guilt. You know the one, where you still worry that you have dipped in a little more than your significant other this month…

With Blossom, the dream is realised.

Blossom is as easy to set up as it gets — both users get a joint account card as well as a personal one. Cover the bills and split any leftover funds between you.

It doesn’t even have to be a trip to the pub; imagine being able to buy your loved one a nice jacket they keep looking at on the walk home and not have them know you have done it before you get back?

Blossom takes the stress out of the relationship whilst re-enabling those random acts of kindness that have all but been removed from modern romances.

How much does this new found freedom cost though? It sounds expensive…

Blossom is a free to download, simple to set up, hassle free to manage solution for joint spending and joint money management. On top of that, it comes with no fees.

You’re welcome.

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