2015 in review — Blossom Translations

The highs and lows of 2015.

By Ana Lourenço, 2 January 2016

“The month of January is a time for reflection. For the first time, I made my year’s tangible results list and I got surprised, I confess.”


I successfully finished the Business School for Translators course by Marta Stelmaszak. Then created Let’s do Translators Tea Time (an informal event for translators). Before attending my first and most important international trade fair, I chose a region (The Netherlands) to market translations into Portuguese for the fresh produce market.

Let’s do Translators Tea Time had its first edition.


In early February, I attended Fruit Logistica Berlin, the world’s leading fresh produce trade fair. I had the opportunity to meet several potential clients in person. Followed up two weeks later, and hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time second edition later in the month.

Pink Lady® apples getting ready for the freezing cold outside.


Paula Pinto Ribeiro, now president of APTRAD, invited me to the Event & Communication Department and I became a full member. Flied to Warsaw and attended TLC Conference 2015. Exchanged ideas, learned new things and networked. Done a job for a translation agency based in Lisbon. Registered Blossom Translations®. Attended Women’s Day event in Lisbon (a business talk show), exchanged ideas, learned new thing and networked. Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time third edition.


Humped on a train to Porto and attended the Regional ProZ Conference (where APTRAD- Associação Portuguesa de Tradutores e Intérepretes first public announcement was made). Attended the EUATC Conference in Lisbon 23–24 April. Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time fourth edition.


Attended the First Wordfast Conference in Riga. After a skype meeting with one of the several contacts I made in Fruit Logistica 2015, my services were recommended to another potential client, an enterprise they had worked with in the past. This enterprise became a client. Suddenly I was their Translation Project Manager.

Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time fifth edition.


Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time sixth edition.


Translated the Introduction of my dear friend Suzana Mendes’s Book on Feng Shui practices. Started Translation Project Management Course (Escola de Letras). Joined Twitter and Instagram as Blossom Translations. Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time seventh edition.


Ordered my logo design to Fabio Benedetti (Rainy London Branding). Had some great days off in Southeast Portugal (Alentejo). Blossom Translations® became a Registered Trademark.


As a Project Manager, I gathered a team of 21 translators, who accepted working with me at Fruit Logistica 2016. Attended MET15 Conference of which APTRAD was an official partner. Finished the Translation Project Management course (Escola de Letras). Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time eighth edition. Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time ninth special edition (International Translation Day festivities).


As part of APTRAD’s events and communication department, I contacted all the translation event’s organisers in Europe to ask for APTRAD’s partnership, and I made it.

Established APTRAD’s partnerships with the several conference organizers around Europe and got benefits to members. Built the first conference database to be published on APTRAD’s website.

Finished the article on The Importance of Translation for the Fresh Produce Market


Attended an APTRAD’s Extraordinary General Meeting in Porto. Attended Alimentaria & Horexpo /Portugal Agro (a Portuguese trade fair) and offered my multilingual team’s services. Spent 11 days with Bruno in Amsterdam.

Attended and finished the Translation Project Management Course for Freelance Translators (APTRAD). Had my first Christmas Cards Designed by Fabio Benedetti from Rainy London Branding.

Ordered my Website re-design to Agma: Atelier Gráfico. Hosted Let’s do Translators Tea Time tenth edition.


Wrote an article on Healthy Menu Options after Christmas. Tried to publish it on the most important food magazines in Europe through contacting their editors — had no success — asked the magazine’s publishers to use information from their articles and to have the links to their articles as a refernce in my article footer. Decided to host Let’s do Translators Tea Time eleventh edition in January 2016. Published the article on LinkedIn + Facebook + Twitter + Medium. Sent Christmas Cards to almost everyone I met in 2015 (trade, conferences, meetings, BSFT colleagues). Started to draw CPD Plans for 2016.