Planning Fruit Logistica 2017

by Ana Lourenço, 4 February 2017

How to prepare an international industry live event as a freelance translator?
 2017 will be the year of the third Fruit Logistica for me, for Blossom Translations and the second for the Blossom Premium services. What does that mean? It means that I am far more experienced, that my marketing approach is more accurate and far more powerful than it was three years ago. How did I reach such a level? ECPD, brand, content and blogging non-stop.
 How do I plan Fruit Logistica every year?
 Fruit Logistica is the world’s most important international business event for fresh produce enterprises.
 In 2015, before my first visit to Fruit Logistica, I created my virtual market place® profile.

The Virtual Market Place is a media platform, where all participants register their professional data and book meetings before the events. Our information is kept online all year round. Did I say visibility? Because all the stands looked fresh, colourful and I had people smiling at me when they caught my eyesight, I decided to frenetically visit as much stands as I could.

In 2016 I had a new product, the Blossom Premium.
 What are my Premium services? Intended for specific projects, Blossom Premium is an innovative and efficient method of managing and co-ordinating your one-off projects where multiple target languages are required. 
 In 2017 BT gained visibility before the event through my avid participation in an Instagram photography contest, organized by the event managers to party its 25th anniversary. I was one of the winners and the prize was a 3 days VIP pass for Fruit Logistica.
 Going back to the plan, this year I planned my participation at Fruit Logistica 2017 through selecting the halls and stands, according to the event’s suggested roots. I now have a few booked meetings, new flyers and business cards. And of course Tomatillo, my funny mascot will visit Berlin for the first time. How will I attend non-confirmed meetings? The same way I would attend the confirmed ones, because not having a confirmation email does not mean they are not scheduled. It can either mean lack of interest or just lack of time to answer.
 Meeting a translator at an international F&V industry event is not in their plans and that is part of my strategy.
 The next step is to check the events agenda and select the most interesting talks to attend.
 At the event.
 Where should I focus?

  • In gathering all the brand material
  • Puzzling-out how the brands convey their product, how they explain it, how they communicate it and in which languages.

Let Fruit Logistica 2017 begin.

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