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What were your learning goals at the beginning of the unit?

When getting told about this project I quite worried as I did not know what to expect. I was also quite confused with the project and what we have to produce at the end of the term. However, I did want to learn more about about Filter bubbles, for example what they are and how they work. I also wanted to learn what algorithms are and how they relate to Filter bubbles but also our everyday lives.

What have you learned?

  1. I understand fully what a Filter bubble is and how they work. They have also made me change the way I see my social medias. For example I am seeing the same content most of the time and would like to see another point of view. This best links with politics.
  2. I have learnt what algorithm is and how it does link to Filter bubbles. It also intrigues me on how I can use this in another project, including my final major as algorithms is a very intriguing subject.

What obstacles have you found?

One obstacle I found was thinking of an idea. I wrote down many ideas but did not have a lot of confidence in them. It took me quite a while to narrow down an idea. However, after a while it did manage to get an idea which I did have confidence in.

Another problem I encountered was with my original idea. I had a survey where the users will fill out and would create their own filter bubble. However, I found it very difficult to figure out the questions for this, and it started to become very time consuming.

How did you go about solving the problems you encountered?

To overcome my first problem that I was encountering I just kept listing ideas until I gained confidence in one. I then spoke to people to see what they thought of it. I then started to prototype and the more feedback I got the more confidence I had in the idea.

With my second obstacle, I just decided to completely scrap the survey as it was becoming to difficult. I then thought it would be more efficient for the users to create their own bubble by typing their own answers.

What could you improve in your project?

If I had more time on this project I would add a number of elements to my prototype. For example I would add how Facebbok gathered all that data and put it into a Filter bubble. I feel this would be useful on an education purpose for the target audience and would give them more of an understanding on how Filter bubbles work.

Another improvement I would make is to research more on the topic given to us early on. I believe this would help me obtain an idea quicker than I did. This would then allow more time to work on it and make it as professional as possible.

What do you intend to improve in your personal and professional skills?

My overall personal skill I would like to improve is my presenting skills. I get nervous and start to think of negative things. I believe that I need to practice more, so I know exactly what to say and when to say it. I also rush my words, which again leads me to practice more.

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