Fear of The Gay Agenda

I keep seeing conversations that go something like this:

Person 1: Aye man, all this gay shit on TV. Tryna brainwash us.
Person 2: That’s the gay agenda.
Person 3: Yeah, Sodom and Gomorrah on Earth.
Person 1: Look what they’re teaching our kids.
Person 2: Yeah my kid has a gay kid in her class and she doesn’t condone it because she’s washed in the blood of Christ so her teacher said my child is homophobic.
Person 3: That gay agenda is infecting the world.

(This is an actual conversation I pulled from my Facebook newsfeed)

I don’t like to write much about anything LGBTQIA* related since it’s not my place to speak for intersections I am not part of. They can speak for themselves just fine but I need to get this off my chest as I’m pretty annoyed.

There is no “gay agenda”.

I promise you, there isn’t one. It’s not something that exists. There isn’t a convention of people who sit around a huge table and try to figure out how to make everybody be gay. The “gay agenda” conversations are almost always centered around men and the fact that men have sex with other men. This is strange to me because if you find it so repulsive, why are you focusing so hard on it? And excluding women, genderqueer, non-binary people sounds like you may be fetishizing lesbians and completely ignoring everyone else. Lesbians are women who like women. They aren’t interested in men finding them sexy or alluring. They do not want men. Gays don’t sit around pontificating on the ins and outs of heterosexual sex (no pun intended). I promise. They also don’t sit around damning heterosexuals to Hell for being bigoted, judgmental sinners.

Inclusion is necessary.

There was once a time that People of Color weren’t “allowed” on television. It was difficult for anyone who wasn’t white to get a role. If they got a role they were placed in a stereotypical one (this hasn’t changed much, by the way) that boxed them into a specific trope. There’s been a lot of “concern” lately about seeing more homosexual and transgender people on television. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood features a gay male couple, Orange Is The New Black has a transgender woman as a member of the main cast and Ellen DeGeneres has long been open about her sexuality. These are just a few examples but there’s a chance to tap a market that wasn’t given proper attention previously. In earlier years we often saw gay men on television, rarely women. They were placed in feminine spaces, rolling their necks, snapping their fingers and putting unnecessary hissing noises at the tail end of any word with an s at the end. They were often dressed in feminine clothing and sometimes makeup. This gave the idea that this was the accurate personification of all gay men. It’s not. Gay men come in a very wide array of looks, body types, personalities,etc. They’re just people.

The LGBTQIA community IS part of society.

We take many of our social cues from television, music and movies. I often ask friends if we, as Black people, aren’t properly represented on television and wish to be then why is it a problem for people from the LGBTQIA community to desire proper representation? Young Black LGBTQIA people are not seen or heard from enough. They grow up sometimes being told what to do about racism and discrimination. They don’t grow up seeing how to navigate a world full of homophobia. Many times it’s because their very own families are homophobic and sexualize homosexuality like much of society does. They don’t know that their gay child is just a regular person. They just happen to think the same sex is cute. And since they aren’t gay they can’t talk about being gay and Black in America with their child. That’s where television, movies, books and magazines can help. They can show the world that being gay IS normal. It IS a part of regular life for millions of people. It’s not some mar that we have to hide.

They’re people. They work, love, live, pray, go to school, etc. They’re just humans out here people’ing. They’re just like you with better nail beds.

There really is NO gay agenda.

(*LGBTQ is an acronym for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer/Questioning Intersex & Asexual)