The past few months have been very different, and the Co-Founders of Blox Consulting certainly had to deal with the rapid changes to everyday life just like everyone else. Luckily, Ashton Barger and Jack Gilcrest found great opportunities to stay involved in the Blockchain space digitally, and capitalized on having extra time at home and in front of the computer. From creating a global Virtual Blockchain Conference, to appearing in multiple panels at Reimagine 2020, as times have been changing, the Co-Founders of Blox Consulting have stayed ahead of the curve.

Jack Gilcrest and Ashton Barger standing in a University of Cincinnati Classroom
Jack Gilcrest and Ashton Barger standing in a University of Cincinnati Classroom
Jack Gilcrest (left) and Ashton Barger (right) as guest speakers for a University of Cincinnati Blockchain Economics Class

Educating Students and Professionals on Blockchain

Even before the quarantine, Ashton and Jack were continuously…

Dhariya Desai (left), former Founding Partner, and Billy Becker (right), Co-Founder and CFO, presenting at the 2019 MU Blockchain Conference

Consulting and developing in the world of Blockchain is certainly no easy task, as we have recently found out. Countless hours of research, important lessons, disagreements, back and forths, and troubleshooting goes into using Blockchain to solve the complex problems we deal with on a frequent basis. TandaPay, blOX’s first project, has certainly been a challenge, but the parties involved have finally found a good way of structuring the project to guarantee success, and everything seems to be going smoothly.

On the other hand, blOX Consulting is growing a larger reputation with every day that passes. We have recently completed…

In early 2019, blOX began working with Joshua Davis’ TandaPay prototype (found on GitHub). After three months of poking and prodding in various development environments, as the TandaPay App moves to begin integrating web3 on a wide and functional scale, blOX Consulting has been tasked with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current prototype.

Our opinion is that the prototype does an excellent job of providing requirements in nearly every edge case in TandaPay. The entire theoretical functionality of TandaPay has been demonstrated. However, we’ve run into numerous issues trying to attach graphical user functionality. The root of the…

This Medium story was requested by Joshua Davis for UCLA’s Capstone class, so I address this piece to each student. As a developer, you will seldom worry about true job security. Given this, ask yourself where you want to be in 5, 10, 20 years. Some of you may picture a comfortable job at a large corporation making $80,000 annually to work 9–5. TandaPay will not afford you as much progress on that front. TandaPay is difficult and laborious, and you will not enjoy your work should you identify with this group.

The rest of you are like us at…

Blox Blockchain Consulting

Blox is a consulting firm pushing the adoption of Blockchain technology by specializing in smart contract development, auditing, and business use-case analysis.

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