Family Reunion

It happens to me more and more often; I see something (or someone) that triggers a memory often of something (or someone) I haven’t thought about for years!

It happened yesterday standing and talking in the hallway; I watched a co-worker go into the restroom door, noticed her blue and white polka-dot dress and was gone — back there — to the memory of a dotted swiss dress I wore as a child.

Somewhere there’s a picture of little me proudly wearing that white dress with little blue, fuzzy dots all over, with choker collar that buttoned with one blue button, and flared skirt,with cap sleeves, that my mother made for me. I was so proud and felt so pretty in that dress that I wanted to and did wear it to the Weeks family reunion in Godwin, North Carolina that year! I don’t remember which year it was exactly, but it was in the early 1960’s.

Ah, those family reunions! They were the only vacations our family ever took, but that was alright with me! We would drive up the day before the gathering of the Weeks, then the day after, my parents would wave merrily as they drove away to begin a child-free week. I , for one, was waving even more merrily at them! I dearly loved being at Grandma and Grandaddy Weeks house — especially by myself without parents! I was queen for a week!

I still remember waking each morning in that beautiful, light, bright guest room with fluffy white covers, excited about what the day would bring. Would it be helping in the garden or shelling or shucking, playing in the woods and the big, green, grassy yard, eating and drinking whatever and as much as I wanted, afternoon trips with Grandaddy to the country store a few miles down the road for a HUGE ice cream cone and candy in a little brown bag (probably to give Grandma time to rest)? And…finally…the weekly Friday trip into Dunn in that gold Plymouth Fury with Grandaddy driving, (wearing that ever-present neat hat that every one of the grandkids wanted to wear) and Grandma, ever calm and collected, in the passenger seat.

Who needed Disney World? I was at at Grandma and Grandaddy Weeks house for a full week! Ah, those family reunions…how I wish I could go back and do it again…one more time. I saw a woman wearing a polka-dot dress…

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