Dear Alt-Right,

I know what you’re expecting me to write here. You’re expecting me to try to show you the error of your ways — to try to 1) show you that you’re espousing ideas that are racist, sexist, and xenophobic, and 2) attempt to convince you that this is wrong, harmful, hurtful, and ultimately unnecessary behavior. You expect me to give you the benefit of the doubt, to assume that you’re all just good people who have been mislead by over a decade of conservative media feeding you lies about how America is dying, and white conservative men are the last bastion of sanity in a nation — a world — gone mad. You expect this, because this is what liberals do.

You are wrong.

You and I, friends, know exactly who and what you are. You know exactly the kind of evil you’re spreading. You know that you are wrong. You also know that doing evil is in your best interests, in terms of maintaining the unfair advantages you’ve had over people like me since you forced us to lay down the railroads you used to deliver our stolen, sold children away from us. For every time that Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, your female friends, sisters, brothers, and coworkers told you that Donald Trump was a misogynist, a racist, a nativist, your support for him grew. A movement which unironically refers to itself as “legion” knows exactly what they are. You have rejected being human in the worst, most explicit way possible; you have embraced violence, hatred, and brutality over empathy, awareness, and compassion. I will not treat you as though you deserve anything better than what you’ve dealt out. You have rejected being American, in any sense but the absolute worst parts of our character and our history. I will not passively accept you as part of my country.

You have not surprised minority voters. Your encouraging each other to hide your views has not hidden you from us. We know you have always been here, just as we have. You started your faux revolution wearing our faces. You fed us your carrion fodder and excavated our bones for your museums. You told us marital rape didn’t exist. You put us in internment camps. We know you. We have known you, and have fought you.

And in a series of small (and at times, short-lived) victories, we have won.

You did not “take your country back.” It was never just yours. We are still here. The privileged who stand with us are still here. We outnumber you.

We will fight you.

You will lose.


Your friendly neighborhood beta-cuck, PC feminist. ❤

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