The New Legend That We Never Realized Before: Kasabian

Here I am. Chilling on my bed trying to get some sleep while listening to songs on my spotify. All of a sudden, Tom Meighan’s voice along with the guitar lines from Sergio Pizzorno filled up the room. Live version. Fire playing and oh boy — I got dragged down to my own memory of this band and no I couldn’t find my sleep at all. I jumped around and doing air drum instead.




A very cool name indeed. I have planned to name my unborn son with Kasabian. But then I found out that it’s actually a name of a killer in the past. So I canceled the plan.


A band that I fell in love with by accident. A band that introduced me to the addiction of concert. A band that makes me constantly seeking for euphoric moment. A band that made me an ambitious front row audience.

Stumbled upon Kasabian through L.S.F song on 2005. Six years ago, I went to their concert in Singapore for the first time. The Vaccines also tagged along as their opening act. To be honest I was more excited about The Vaccines than them, also the main reason why I went in the first place. But as it got closer to the concert day, it was the other way around. Looking back now, I realize that concert is the most important concert in my life so far. Reason? It unfold other part of me that I never knew before!

This concert is the first concert that I watched overseas. It was also the first time I ever went overseas and also the first time ever I did a white lie to my parents. This concert also made me experience my longest post-concert-syndrome ever (2 months. Each days). Pretty interesting.

It was a total blast. I jumped, sang on the top of my lungs, screamed, goosebumps all around and basically I went pretty nuts (even more than usual). I was that close to moshed myself in the mosh pit. The crowd at that time was mental and I guess it was the typical Kasabian’s crowd. The thing that I love the most about this band is that their songs has awakened the hidden riot part of myself which got lit up when they performing.

Please close your eyes as you play this video. Get into a meditation state with this.


So this moment as I’m doing lip-sync and jumping around on my bed while shouting the guitar lines of ‘Fire’, it got me thinking. “Hold a sec. Now and then I rarely got this kind of feeling every time I go to a concert. or even simpler — if I listen to a new songs. I need the riot part of me to be awakened more often!”

And so I stopped and sit by my bed. Run fast down my memory lane and thinking out loud.

Back in 2007 — I remember I got this a lot from most of the bands that I listened to. Most of them are from the UK and well known under the indie rock/alternative rock/whatever rock genre you name it. So Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, The Last Shadow Puppets and friends. I felt that my life was so colorful back then. The lyrics character are not cheesy, peculiarly cute and enjoyable — and I’m not ashamed to sing it out loud.

A decade has passed. and one by one those bands are gone. Mostly in hiatus (I hope). Let’s list it to name a few:

  • Arctic Monkeys — Released their last album 4 years ago. Ever since that happened, no activities just yet. WHYY? IT’S BEEN TOOO LOONG
  • Franz Ferdinand — Last album also 4 years ago.
  • The Libertines — Reformed in 2015 after 11 years of hiatus. But then another 2 years of silence. Anyone knows about the newest stuff from them?
  • The Fratellis — 2013 is the year that they released their latest album. After that? none.

and the list can go on and on and on and on. This got me frustrated.

Is it probably the mainstream route has changed? (yes, we’re talking about the EDM which become the new mainstream).

Is it probably because the generation of music fans are shifting their musical gaze? (yaz, millennials and centennials yaz I’m talking about us and our relationship with EDM)

I don’t know. Not saying that the change is bad. I just miss those bands so much.


Unfortunately, this is the reality. It is easy to be sad about it. But you know there are 2 sides of the same coin. So let’s think about this alternate version:

  • We now have new legends.
    Do you realize about this? They’re not here everyday. They are somewhat mysterious. They’ve been around for quite sometimes. They’re really good with what they’re doing. Their show remind us of their unique character. They reminded us of the diversity of sound. The sound that is not similar and not boring. They reminded us on why we love them. They bring nostalgic moment. They are the new legends.
  • We have something to be excited about.
    Have you ever craving for a food and then you couldn’t find it everywhere and all of the sudden your mom text you “hey hun, I got you THAT egg salted pao from the highland of China”. I’ll be thrilled. Same case here with the band, you couldn’t find them everyday, and then one day you see them performing, excitement is the only word that appear in your brain.
  • We have something to be appreciated.
    Their rare appearance is something that you don’t want to miss. You will attend their show because “OMG THEY RARELY DO A SHOW IN THE PAST 5 YEARS” and so in the show — you will appreciate and enjoy every single second of it. Go home with a smile and feel alive again.


So yeah having said that. Now, I want to take a brief moment to say huge thanks to Kasabian. Listening to their new album also makes me so happy because after all these years and all the albums Kasabian is still Kasabian.

Thanks to them for introducing the riot part of myself. Thanks to them for keep giving constant insanely great and lit live performance. Thanks to them for making me have something to be wait for.

And thanks to them for reminding me that the new legend is here and they’re going nowhere.

See you at the front row
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