400 miles away but i never questioned your loyalty. no makeup and plats and i never feel ugly. 400 miles away and i still feel u in my stomach. i feel u in my soul. lately i’ve been daydreaming of chicago nights on lake michigan u, me, the sea and merlot *giggles*

U know exactly how i like my coffee because u like yours the same way, u know exactly when to give me space even though we’re 400 miles away. remember when u ran me a warm bath and everything that followed afterwards? remember the old man that adored us as we prayed over our food at ihop? or dennys? u know how forgetful how i am.

damn i adore u, damn i crave more of u. inside, outside. the further away we are the more i realize i never want to be apart. 400 miles away and i feel u in my soul. so many reasons i’ll never get tired of u, so many love songs dedicated to u, endless orgasms just by the sight of u, damn i adore u.