Roots ♡

Growing up I don’t remember my parents emphasizing how important it is to know where I come from and who I am but now that’s the most important thing to me and to them too. My favorite, Ms Erykah Badu said it best “we are waking from a deep slumber”. I’m grateful to have a man by my side that acknowledges me as a black queen and honors me. He praises my deep dark skin and my kinky hair and when I am outraged by the racism that’s still alive today he feels me. I’m grateful that I can call any black girl a queen and she’ll melt and remind me of the same thing. I’m grateful to see black men work hard and be passionate and driven and loving because though our Kings are strong our love keeps them soft and Devin and I look forward to someday raising our seven, beautiful black babies and everyday reminding them of how resilient they are. So that they can never be told differently.


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