Two Afghan Refugees
Sarah Wayne Callies

You must realize that the west is the #1 reason for this refugee crisis. The west is doing EVERYTHING in its power to destabilize Syria. If the west can’t get regime change one way they will do it with another. If you study South American history you can easily see the history of hired mercenaries to destabilize. Just remember this… ISIS is only 30k, and they only attack muslims, they NEVER attack any of the western allies. The west is pretending they are fighting ISIS but the reality is they are supporting ISIS through Turkey/Saudi Arabia/Qatar/JORDAN. These nations fund/transport/train/supply ISIS. These nations are all puppets of the west.

Another ALARMING FACT is that ISRAEL, who will kill a mosquito if it deems it a threat, has not ONCE bombed ISIS yet they have attacked Hezballah in Syria even though ISIS has the ability to shoot down planes. On the flip side ISIS has not shot a spitball at the ISRAELI border.

According to the Syrian government, the coalition of 60 nations fighting ISIS are bombing them less than Syrian/Russian bombings.

Actions speak louder than words.