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Have an app that you can organize your weekly meals for them to be delivered to your house at specific times throughout the week so that once you get home the meals will be on their way and you wont have to cook dinner.


Idea to get people off their phones.Subscription service… you pay 10 a month… similar to netflix prices / rates. You have these payphone styled things… you can use them to call people… (these things are everywhere)..and you access it only if you’re paying for the service… allows you to call any home or cell phone.theres a telecom in every room == theres a cell phone in every pocket… digital manipulation with news… the government, similar to big brother.. is telecasting and manipulating minds through the media… they are trying to get us addicted to our technology so that at a whim at any moment, they can change our minds or brainwash us into thinking certain ideas.


App that makes you put your phone upside down at dinner, if you pick it up it senses it with a gyroscope and you lose. Everybody’s phones are linked and when they are about to go eat dinner they all sign in and pledge to not use their phones, there is a party leader that locks the phones during the session and only cam unlock them using a sound passcode.


Encryption and passwords via sound????? Turns out this exits already…


Phones all linked together and playing different quadrants of a video to make for a bigger screen. Or all forming together to make a 3d video. Or the phones can collectively take two pictures and they’re stitched together to see more of an area.


App that detects how fat your phone is from you and changes text size to accommodate for distance and makes it easier to read.


Phones all linked so that when everybody is taking pictures at a group event or party, the photos are all shared between users and they don’t have to send them later on. Its saved to the cloud under a custom name and you can leave the party whenever you want.


Collapsable chair that you can put anywhere and is comfortable no matter where you put it.


LED light circle / ring for shower head to illuminate the experience of taking a shower, could even go along with the music beat your listening to.


Nap Pods Business idea. Yelo charges $15 for 20 minutes and $28 for 40 minutes. First year revenue was $400 K.


iPhone App Idea:

-challenged to impersonate celebrities and given a paragraph to say in their particular accent or voice

-an algorithm determines your accuracy and grades it (leaderboards)

-whoever is closest to the voice wins… challenge your friends.


Huevos Egg / Omelette quick food stop like chipotle. Giant grill to have eggs cook, different egg types and toppings, hard boiled eggs. Cheap for people and quickly cooked.



Restaurant where you stand and eat your meal, burns more caloies?


a new way to pay, if you forget your phone… small little chip that is embedded in a clear sticker,… it goes on your thumb or any choosen fingernil… and will have a badge ID attached to it… this ID is associated with an app or a bank account… maybe even to be more secure it has an external account that you can load money onto.. and inside the chip it has short wave radio waves that communicate to the seller’s payment portal and you can accept payments and buy things with this new technology.



-Prototype the headphones attached to hat idea… flexible etc…


app where people can que in music…. and have a giant que-line , people vote if they want a song to come o n or not, the majority vote is the song that’s played.


Vape integrated into cell phone case


Magnetic zipper for clothing… just found out this exists, under armour and nike collabing on it….


Create script in JavaScript that will let you type in commands and it will use his commands to do something cool or possibly change a sentence or generate a random word for generate random sentence or combination of words make sure that the script is clean. Write a script it takes a lot of interesting ideas and will randomly combined them to maybe crafty what is an idea generator


A hoodie that blocks sound when its up idea


Glowing Hat stand, exists


Modern twist on the pencil, never needs to be sharpened, some special type of material that can be erased easily and takes up no materials (ferrofluid pen?) magnet picks up ink and recycles it back into the cartrige


Multi-Directional speaker where you can adjust the radius it projects sound. You can target and track people, this way you don’t let sound escape a certain area and if certain people don’t want to listen they can toggle off the music specifically to them


coffee/tea subsciption shop where you pay a monthly membership fee, are given a membership card and then proceed to go in and get coffee whenever you neeed it


Local reddit app where you can post small problems or issue into a forum with several categories to choose from and you can then comment on other peoples probnlems to try and comfort them or pitch your own solution. You can earn karma the more you’re involved and actually rank up and improve your commmubnity! Problems do not have to be related to personal issues, they can also incldue people who are motivated to start their own business or solve a current-bussiness related problem they may have.


An app that is a game where users must type a word, and their opponent (online gameplay), will type either a synonym or rhyming word to continue staying in the game, if you run out of ideas or words trhen you lose.


Magnetic shoe rack / clothing holder


Rotating clothes rack. Hats at the top, shirts under that, pants/shorts under that, shoes and socks under that. Maybe the belts are near the pants. Easy to dress yourself in order if that works for your lifetsyle. May not suit most users. May be very expensive to mass produce due to size and weight. Shipping would be very expensive.


An app where you can select mutiple news sources or interesting websites, and combine the most recent posts into a single simple news-feed. Mutiple sources from seperate sites, combined into one viewing area. Example: subreddit, google news, and kickstarters. You could view the newest posts on a specific sub-reddit, the latest local news, and hot new projects on kickstarter all at once.


CarVertise but with T-Shirts, only problem right off the bat is that people cannot wear the same shirt everyday


Website/app where people can trade passwords?


Pants with unlimited pockets.. yeah kinda pointless

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