Meet Sheena Boll — A Famous Punjabi Dhol Player in The UK

The Dhol

Dhol is a popular double-headed drum, extensively used in Indian traditional events as a source of fun and entertainment. You would have often noticed a group of enthusiastic dholi players, brightly decked up in traditional wear, losing themselves to the jovial bubbly beats of the dholak as people around me relive the ambiance of cheerfulness, fun, and entertainment by dancing vivaciously to the beats.

Who’s Sheena Boll?

A passion nurtured from the tender years of her growth, Sheena Boll, the UK-based Punjaban dholi, has always found solace in the ardent beats of her drum, an emotion that lead her to vigorously pursue the musical field of dholi playing. Being born in a Punjabi family, Sheena has grown up cherishing their traditional values and vehement love for upbeat music, and with the loving support of her family, she ventured into the path of music.

Sheena Boll Accomplishments

Sheena Boll recognized her passion for upbeat music at a tender age and thanks to her family’s constant support and love, her passion was soon acknowledged as she learned how to swoon the crowd to the beat of a vibrant Dhol. As she accustomed herself with the musical beats, turning her passion into perfection started with practice and essential baby steps to get her comfortable in the grind.



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