A Day in the Life of Ninja

Blue Baikal
Aug 15, 2019 · 3 min read
Image Source: comicbook.com

A lot of people play games for fun, or as a recreational activity, but not Ninja. Richard Tyler Belvins, popularly known as ‘Ninja’, has spent most of his adult life dominating eSports. ‘A Day in the Life of Ninja’ gives us a peep into the occupied life of one of the most popular online gamers of all time.

Motivated by his older brother, Ninja has become the game streaming hero of so many young people across the globe. Ninja was born on the 5th of June 1991, making this legend only 28 years old.

Ninja’s streams on Youtube and other social media platforms receive massive amounts of attention, and have earned him a well-deserved celebrity status. At the time of writing, Ninja’s Twitch followers have grown to a staggering 14.37 million. This makes him the biggest Twitch streamer around.

As a career, Ninja also makes a lot of money playing games online. Earlier this year, Electronic Arts paid him $1 million to promote the game Apex Legends. This he did by playing it on his Twitch stream and Twitter account.

On a more regular basis, Ninja earns an average of $500,000 every month from game streaming. Gaming sounds like a fun thing to do, but playing the way Ninja does requires something extra. According to him, it comes with a life of dedication and hard work, as well as a few sacrifices along the way.

An Average Day For Ninja

On average, Ninja spends around 12 hours streaming games everyday. Yes, 12 hours everyday for close to 10 years now. With this level of dedication, the kind of career that he has built for himself shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

According to Ninja, an average day for him kicks off at 9:30am when he starts to play. He plays until around 4pm, after which he takes a 3 hour break for some family time. He resumes around 7pm until around 2–3am the next morning.

Playing in front of the whole world might sound attractive from the outside, but Ninja himself acknowledges the pressure that comes with it. According to him, most of the pressure does not come from the actual work itself, but from his performance level.

Ninja explains that over the years, he has been able to build the tolerance to manage the actual pressure of playing. What gets to him is when he doesn’t perform so well. It is something that doesn’t sit well with him, even though such occasions are rare.

How Did Ninja Start Playing Games?

As mentioned above, Ninja started his gaming career when his elder brother, John, brought home Halo, one of the most hyped games at the time. John’s constant engagement with the game caught Ninja’s attention, and today the rest is history.

These days Fortnite has taken that place. Fortnite is also where Ninja is dominating across several communities in the gaming sphere.

Ninja’s dedication to gaming has paid off over the years. There are times that he had up to 600,000 viewers watching him concurrently. His gaming habits and how much time he spends on the game are contributing a lot to the amount of followers that he has gathered.

Where Can I Find Ninja?

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