The Ultimate Debate: Rick O’Connell Vs. Indiana Jones

A debate that has been going on for a decade that will be answered at the end of this article.

Here at Blue Ball™, we like to bring the attention of controversial topics that not a lot of people may think of during a normal day. Sure we talk about sports, and our opinions are normally true, unbiased, and factual. That could have been a lie but honestly, who cares? To the people that say stick to sports, this is where you lose credibility. That and probably your lack of a quality education. Here at Blue Ball™, we will not stick to sports when there is something going on in the world or in the past that needs attention. Our imbecile of a president wants to discredit mainstream media and call outlets that question him as “fake news.” Well, this article is not fake news and it is something that needs the entire world’s attention. You may ask, why is this important to me? The simple answer is…………because it is. We don’t want to tell you how to think or how to act, but in this case, we want to give you an answer to the question above, who is the better action hero? Rick O’Connell or Indiana Jones?

If any of you listen to our podcasts, which you should, you will know going in who our votes would be. But that is not what this article is about. This is about taking away any biases we may have and get down to the actual facts and come to a rational conclusion. Unless we don’t like the results and want to change them or call them “alternative facts.” How should this discussion start? Let’s start with the actors themselves.

Brendan Fraser


Born: December 3, 1968 (age 48)
Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

Harrison Ford


Born: July 13, 1942 (age 74)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

1. Careers

Both actors at their peak were 2 handsome looking dudes. Fraser in George of the Jungle, peak beefcake. Ford in the first Indiana Jones and Star Wars was also the rugged guy every girl then and now are looking for. But this is not a beauty contest, this is actually very important for the world. Both were born in the U.S. in very popular cities. Fraser’s parents are both Canadians so whether you want to make a mark for or against him for that is up to you. Looking back through their careers, as much as this pains me to write, Ford’s achievements are too much to even compare. The guy was Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and Rick Deckard. Probably 3 of the most iconic roles of all time, all done by one man. Fraser shouldn’t be embarrassed with such movie roles as Rick O’Connell, George of the Jungle, and a caveman in Encino Man. Nothing to be ashamed of at all but, to be honest, the roles don’t even compare. Now if you’re comparing actual achievements in their films instead of gross money made, that is a debate worth having. Although Ford’s movies are more popular, both actors have the same amount of Oscar wins……….0. I know Oscars aren’t everything, but sometimes it is shocking to see such actors like Ford to not have any. With all of this information, I am still going to reward Ford or Indiana Jones with 1 point. Careers during this debate are only worth 1 point so if you were going to lose a category, this one would be the one to lose.

1 Point- Indiana Jones

2. Box Office

Indiana Jones Franchise- close to $2 billion
The Mummy Franchise- a little over $1.5 billion
This was actually shocking to me when I researched this. This is solely ticket prices……..I think. It was adjusted for inflation but the fact that there was only $500 million apart is actually quite impressive for the Mummy. I almost thought of giving Rick O’Connell the point here but that wouldn’t be fair so point goes to Indy.

2 Points- Indiana Jones

3. Role Players

Here is where some points can be made or where Indiana Jones can run away with this competition. Role players are key to a good movie and in this case, a good action hero. Even though they are heroes, they still need help from time to time.

Leading Ladies:

Evelyn “Evie” Carnahan (Rachel Weisz)
Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen)





We are only comparing the franchises they were in and no other work they have done. I love both and have issues with both as well. Ravenwood isn’t Jones’ love interest the entire time during the franchise. They obviously loved each other but Jones was planting his seed throughout the world. Evie, on the other hand, stayed with Rick through the beginning and even though Rick could plow any Egyptian he wanted, he loved the woman that literally saved his neck. You find out that both characters have a child with our action heroes. The knock on Rick and the Mummy are that they changed the actress in the last movie while Karen Allen still portrayed her character, even 20 years later. Both characters become at times damsels in distress, while at other times, have to save the hero from falling, tripping, getting shot, stabbed, or dying. They both cause trouble that makes you shake your head and wonder why? Evie is the reason why the Mummy comes back to life but Rick never faults her for that. Just listen to the man and don’t read from the f***ing book of the dead. Sorry. Even with all of her faults, I’m going to give the slight edge to Evie. Plus, she came back from death.

Side Kicks:

Ardeth Bay (Oded Fehr)
Jonathan Carnahan (John Hannah)


Sallah (John Rhys-Davies)
Short Round (Steven Yeun)

This isn’t even a conversation. Who would you take? A badass medjai that warned you to not disturb the area, yet still helps you destroy the mummy or a fat man that they call the best digger in Egypt? Just the overall look of the medjai should win him over but his commitment to Rick and his family is something that should not go unnoticed. Short Round became a fan favorite but he only helps Jones in escaping a couple of times. Jonathon can be a pain in the ass but he comes up when they need him, and he is Rick’s brother in law in the second film. So this one goes to the Mummy crew and Rick.

The Antagonists:

Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo)
Dr. René Belloq (Paul Freeman)

This one is very complicated. It is very hard to measure and I want to make sure that I do it right. If you do head to head, I’m going to take Imhotep, a supernatural mummy, over a Nazi. Nazis are the ultimate villains and even more sad in the fact that these people existed then and still do now. But when you are taking the villains throughout the franchise, it’s very hard to compare. The Mummy had a few villains that were all scary and supernatural in their own way. You have Imhotep in the first 2, Imhotep’s girlfriend, mostly in the 2nd one, The Scorpion King, and the Chinese mummy thing or whatever that was in the last one. He was still scary though and had his own terra-cotta army. Indiana Jones had to face some Nazis, Mola Ram, and some more Nazis. Villain wise, the Mummy is more superior in that. However, it’s tough comparing supernatural beings and Nazis. The thing that makes it even more complicated is Mola Ram and the mere fact he pulls a heart out of a human being.

That is still to this day, terrifying and pretty metal.
Imhotep sucking the life out of all of his victims is really metal as well. You know what, I was going to take Indiana Jones’ antagonists but Imhotep and the Scorpion King need to be respected. Points go to Rick O’Connell.

The Sons:

Mutt Williams/Henry Jones III (Shia Labeouf)
Alex O’Connell (Freddie Boath)

Even though Alex is a good name, Shia is the G.O.A.T. so this one belongs to him and his character. The characters are very similar so I’m just going with the better actor. Once I add all this up, the points go to Rick.

3 Points- Rick O’Connell

4. Head to Head match up

The score right now is tied up at 3. Here is where we determine the winner and the proof to back it up. No more comparing other stuff that really doesn’t matter. We are going to compare the 2 and see who would win.

Rick O’Connell vs Indiana Jones

Rick has a good looking outfit that may end up being my Halloween costume this year. A simple white button up shirt, tucked into some tight khakis, a big brown leather belt, and leather suspenders. Very subtle and noticeable attire. However, Indiana Jones attire is more iconic and more famous. The hat and whip, you automatically think of ole Indy.
The score for both movies will also go to Indiana Jones. Again, just too iconic to even debate.

You know what, I’m going to end this debate right now and determine who the winner is. You all can look up the plots of all of the movies and see which one is more exciting or badass. But, there is a huge plot hole in one of the movies that will ruin it for you and will determine who the winner is. Ready to have your mind blown?

Indiana Jones plays no role in Raiders of the Lost Ark. If he weren’t in the film, the outcome would have been exactly the same. The Nazis would have still found the Ark, taken it, open it, and have all of their faces melted off. Take that in for a minute. Indy did not save mankind or really anyone. The Nazis got the Ark and opened it and died. Sure, Jones had the medallion but if he didn’t have it, the Nazis would have had it and would have found it anyway. At the end, he sent the ark to a warehouse to hopefully never be found again. Did he save the day there? Maybe, but he was supposed to take it to the museum to be researched and protected, so he didn’t even do his job. He didn’t stay with the girl, he had no impact in the film what so ever, and he is afraid of snakes. Rick O’Connell isn’t afraid of anything. If he is, he faces his fear and takes it head on. Sure Jones is a professor and uses his brain to help solve problems. Rick doesn’t think, he just takes action. Rick saved mankind, defeated armies, and killed the Rock while being grabbed by people in the underworld. Jones almost cried by being around snakes. The points go to Rick O’Connell and we do declare that he is better than Indiana Jones.

Winner: Rick O’Connell