Tony Romo Already on Second Suit After Fumbling Nachos in Broadcast Booth

By: Brain Wittsky

Tony Romo has officially hung up his jersey for good. Romo has had somewhat of a good career holding the reigns of the Dallas Cowboys offense. Romo leaves the Cowboys with many accomplishments like dating Jessica Simpson before she got fat and having fewer playoff wins than Tim Tebow. Now that Dak has forever cemented himself as a starter, where does Romo go from here? The broadcast booth.

Tony has signed to be the color commentator for CBS sports. Which is a great idea because if I want to hear people critique players all game I love for it to come from a mediocre quarterback. True tony has no experience as a broadcaster, that hasn’t stopped him from putting his best foot forward. Tony was quoted as saying, “I’m excited for the opportunity to show the world how little of football I actually know. I know on the field it seems like sometimes I know what I’m doing but now in the broadcast booth there’s no way to hide it.”

Tony has already had a little trouble on set the first couple days. Tony instantly fumbled his whole plate of nachos on his brand new suit he bought with Jerry Jones bribe money to retire. Tony was distraught at first but said he’s come back from fumbles before. Tony said the best thing about the broadcast team he gets to intercept people’s talking points. “It feels good to be on the other side of an interception for once. I had no idea I have given the other team this much joy over the years.”

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