Collector at Home: Nancy Reyering

Nancy Reyering at her Provence-influenced home in Woodside, CA. She is hosting “Eucalyptus”, an oil painting by Kit Colman. Photography by Nathan Lewis.

Nancy Reyering is a long-time Woodside resident who has been so steeped in the beauty of Woodside that she’s spent the last few years advocating for the continued preservation of open spaces, wildlife friendly fencing, and rural values embodied in Woodside’s General Plan. She and her husband, Marty, hike, play tennis, sail, and travel. They have owned horse property for the past 25 years and have just finished renovating and rebuilding all the barns. When they first settled into their home, they did all the work themselves, including feeding horses and rebuilding what was then a crumbling riding ring. Nancy is an art lover, collector, and environmentalist. She is currently on the Board for the Committee for Green Foothills.

You can follow Nancy, @nancyreyering, and purchase artworks she hosted for a Bluebird Art show in April 2015 in Bluebird Art.

Nancy Reyering’s living room. She is hosting a series of work, Hybrid Topology, from artist, Renee DeCarlo Johnson.

What is your favorite piece of original art that you own? Why is it your favorite?

Stair railing designed by architect John Hermannsson and built by artist Bill Sorich. At the residence of Nancy Reyering.

Without a question my favorite piece of original art is the stair railing designed for us by our architect, John Hermannsson, and built by local artist Bill Sorich. It was laid out in Bill’s workshop and then welded on-site.

What made you excited to have it in your home?

The entire process from design to installation was interesting and exciting. Because the railing is in a 2-story stairwell full of windows, the light reflecting through and on the metal lattice changes throughout the day. The effect always captivates me. It won’t be moving with us, should we ever have to leave our dream home, and knowing that makes me particularly attached to it.

Close up of a work from artist Renee DeCarlo Johnson’s series, “Hybrid Topology”, hosted by Nancy Reyering. Work SOLD on April 23, 2015.

Why is art important to you?

Art speaks through the eyes first, but then starts to live in the heart. Art reminds me of places I’ve been or aspire to, both physically and emotionally.

Nancy Reyering’s living room. Nancy is hosting works from artist, Courtney Stock. L: And the Salty Breeze II. R: In the River and the Valley.

What inspired your design for your home?

At the end of the day, I think that everything I buy reminds me of something in nature. It might be a color, or a texture, but thinking about this question makes me realize that I don’t usually gravitate to much that is representational.

The entryway. Nancy is hosting work from artist, Courtney Stock. Featured work is “Swimming in Hockney’s Pool”. Watercolor, ink, and glitter. 36" x 48".

How does your art inspire your home design?

I learned the answer to this from a Celestial Seasonings tea bag tag: “Beauty is as vital as the necessary. Maybe more so.”

The dining room. Nancy is hosting works from artist, Peter Foucault. The yellow and the blue works are from Peter’s series, “Robotic Drawings”.

What makes your home feel like “home”?

It has something to do with light, color, space, and texture. One important value for me is how much light enters the house. Here, every window frames a tree. Nature doesn’t just exist outside the walls, but enters the house and infuses us with a sense of peace. I’m sure that the sun filtering through all that green has a great visual effect on everything. It makes having less seem much more interesting.

The hallway. A work from Nancy’s collection by San Francisco Bay Area artist, Sidnea D’Amico.