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Official confirmation that we as a species are not alone in the cosmos should be an exhilarating, vulnerable, awe-inspiring and moving experience for all humanity.

Unfortunately, the people in charge, who get one shot at legitimizing and disseminating this information to everyone, is the war industry.

That means disclosure won’t be Yusuf Islam on his ‘Peace Train.’

The war industry, or what President Dwight Eisenhower labeled, the “military-industrial complex,” has kept this information shackled for near on 80 years, not knowing exactly what to do with it, except not talk about it openly.

Today though, there are signs that the war machine has decided to loosen its grip on secrecy. They are manipulating, in their way, a public relations campaign. The mainstream media, who previously ridiculed or ignored the subject, are now running stories left and right with the military’s imprimatur all over them. …


Mark Warren

Artist and metaphysical philosopher interested in the global implications of supernatural or paranormal experience or contact.

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