Are We Advertising To Please Consumers Or Ted?
Robert Cormack

Robert, I must give it to you — you know how to write. That’s a compliment. I was so excited after reading ‘Inefficiency of words’ — it was my first reading on Medium — I thought, “I have found the Paris of Words!” Unfortunately, yours were the only article I could locate on this website. After spending tens of hours here — attempting to make sense — I have quit. I would be treating them exactly as any one should treat garbage — recycle it.

Thus, I confess, your writing gives me the feel of touching a carnation planted in a cold storage filled with potatoes. This comment is not an insult to you — it’s an insult to the people who puke their morning coffee here; probably, it helps them hammer the lunch down their throats. Probably, it gives them the courage to look into the mirror and say — “Hey, a human!” In fact Robert, you should consider this comment as a compliment — when I call others’ works a piss, by default, I have crowned your compilation as a glass of recycled water.

I am drafting my own article, an obituary. I am not a writer — just another cheap ‘copy’ creator. However, I really need to pen a dedication for the silicon-zombies before their inner-selves rot away.

You sir, please, keep writing!