Best Tips To Get A Job In Kenya Info For Job Seekers 2019

Jul 12, 2019 · 4 min read
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Getting a job in Kenya is just about the most searched for key conditions in Kenya. Finding a job in Kenya has become somewhat difficult due to the fact that the amount of job seekers is escalating daily as universities and colleges create more participants each year.

Our economic climate is not growing good enough to absorb the graduates who are getting into the job market. That being the case obtaining a job after graduation will certainly not be that easy in Kenya. Basically the whole aspect of getting a job has become a haunting challenge for most jobseekers.

If is actually not an internship or graduate trainee programme, most employers require job sportsman who have hands on experience. Job search has not been made easy with the recent retrenchments in Kenya as companies fight to remain afloat despite the turbulent monetary surf.

Getting a job in Kenya requires one to be more aggressive. Mailing in one application after another is merely not enough. Let’s look at smart ways of the way to get a job in Kenya.

Suggestions On How To Receive A Job In Kenya

So you have a professionally written CV and a custom-made cover notice. You need to take on the world, but wait! Job search is such a stressful thing. Do you send so many applications only to never get response from anyone? Here is how to find a job in Kenya and make the job search process less frustrating.

(a.) Marketing

Securing a career in Kenya may just be as simple as polishing your job search skills. Social networking is one of those special skills you need to have as a career seeker if you are going to finally land that job. As Master of science, networking is one thing you can not overlook as a job seeker.

It is as required as respiration. You need networks to secure employment in several areas. Research shows that folks who network have a higher possibility of landing a job than those who no longer.

So rather than just mailing in application blindly wishing for a miracle, why no longer you begin by building yourself a network of value-adding networks?

These are those who are already working in your industry, or friends and family who have careers.

(b.) How to Obtain a Job In Kenya — Recruitment organizations

Various job seekers have looked to recruiting agencies to get a job in Kenya. Using a recruiting company for your job search is not hard as it preserves the stress and stress of sending so many applications without getting a response.

Most of these recruiting agencies also help in customizing CVs, Interview coaching and career advice. There are so many recruitment organizations operating in Kenya that you should try out.

©. Online Job Sites

The internet has made everything easy. Nowadays at just the click of a button, you can browse numerous career opportunities in Kenya wherever you are in whatever time. Visit for latest jobs in Kenya. Do online task sites really work? Certainly, trying to get jobs online is merely like sending a hard copy. Typically have relocated online and almost all of them recruit online.

Excellent good friend who got work and several interviews from strictly online applications.

(d). Another suggestion of the way to get a job in Kenya is through blind application.

This is the oldest method of job search in Kenya. Just identify companies you want to work for and then draft a very nice CV and cover letter and drop at their offices.

Typically keep such application on the data base and will contact if an opportunity that matches your skills come up.

(e). Possess something that makes you unique

With the joblessness levels rising every solitary year, you need to stand out in every job application is made. This kind of means having something extra you can bring on the table. Throughout your job search, you can pursue certificate courses that will add extra skills to your CV.

Business employers want to see something different from what every other job seeker has. Nowadays almost everyone has a diploma. A CPA record will allow you to stand out.

At this point you have the recommendations on the way to get a job in Kenya. With a modified CV and cover later, you have become ready for your next big break.

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