How to Succeed in Medical Sales Representative Jobs in Kenya

Jul 12 · 4 min read

Skilled sales jobs are much desired in the business world and when you dig a little further you will understand why. In the Kenya Medical rep jobs have a prestige attached to them. This can include a fantastic basic salary, company car, bills, state of the skill equipment and some of the best training and development that money can buy. The healthcare companies, both pharmaceutical and medical device organisations recognize that committing in your sales people provides you untold of rewards and a happy team of employees.

According to SalaryExplorer, Sales Representative in Kenya typically earns around 57,125 KES per month. Sounds interesting? Prior to going running off to apply for your first medical rep role you will need to give attention to three core attributes you will need to achieve success in securing your first medical rep job.

(A). Selling Skills

The primary role in a medical sales job is, drum roll, to offer your products. If you have never sold it would be worth learning the core skills. The truth is it is not hard to understand how to sell. Just like anything anytime the more you do it the better you will get. Head over to a certain online retailer and buy several the best sellers.

(B). Knowledge of Product Sales

Product knowledge is essential as a medical representative and you simply must know everything there is to find out about your product. The trials, the best patients to prescribe it to, how fast it works, side effects and so on. The good news is you will be trained on all this by your company. If biology and chemistry is not your thing you could have difficulty. At the end of the day this is a technical sales job, all be it with a biological and substance basis and never the less it is technological.

It goes without saying that any sales rep needs to know their customers well. Not just where they are structured and how many children they may have. You need to know about their business life. What keeps them awake at night what is it about patients they are treating that concerns them how can you or your products fulfil this need. This does take work and the medical rep that takes the time to learn all this information and uses it to serve the shoppers always does better.

©. Good Mind Set

Almost everything starts with having an appropriate attitude. Being positive is the name of the game, at one level and at others it is around having dedication and the ‘can do’ approach that successful people in all areas have. Like any sales position, a medical representative job is no different. You will get rejection and people that don’t are interested what you are selling. You can face being rejected. Medics are not any different to other consumers. All in all we are all human and can reject people if we aren’t quite ready.

Have an optimistic mental frame of mind will help you position the, not so good, times into perspective. If you are not sure you will be able to achieve this sales is not for both you and definitely not medical sales.

(D). Gain field experience.

When you have uncovered which medical sales niche most likely most considering, it’s time to earn some experience. You’ve already spent a great deal of time and money earning levels and certifications — and people will certainly help. Nonetheless, most recruiters place a high value on work experience. This means you should explore opportunities where you can gain experience in the field immediately. Included in this are:

1. Internships with medical sales companies << For Internship Jobs in Kenya visit Here>>

2. Job tailing with an established medical sales rep

3. Volunteering at a hospital or physician’s office

You can also gain experience by taking an entry-level job in a medical-related or sales field, such as doing marketing for a medical office, customer satisfaction in a hospital, or even snack sales in a clinic setting.

Most medical sales jobs do not require specific certifications. Since these positions rely heavily on transferable skills, most positions require job hunters have an undergraduate degree, although not in a certain focus.

Instead, recruiters seek driven, dedicated candidates. Some of the necessary skills include:

Passion for sales and marketing

Excellent interpersonal communication

Positive attitude and strong work ethic

Close attention to details




Prefer to help people and have a significant impact in their lives

Technical skills in demand for medical sales careers include:

Familiarity with Microsoft company Office

Technical writing

Knowledge with project management tools

Sociable media experience

Big data analysis

How you present your skills to organisations is also important.

To find out more about getting a sales job in Kenya visit

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