Coyote Star

I am walking on a cosmic beach

Out at the horizon, the graffiti spray of stars arcs into the Ocean

That is the only way I can see where the surface of the ocean is,

this black night gloss, this lacquer

Otherwise, I only tell it by sound, by scent, by wetness of sand

Somewhere out on that smooth obsidian

The ships are cutting their journeys

Sailing ships and star ships, ships bearing stars

Ships scattering stars across the field, like seeds,

Like crumbs in the forest

A trail to find one’s way back with

A trail to find one’s way forth with


Without delay

Communication is instantaneous

Yet communication is not always clear

I settle my haunches on my heels, tilt my head back, point my eyes up

The ships are alive, they are living, yet they cloak themselves,

chameleon-like in the star field

Bioluminescent in this great ocean reef of night

Muffling intelligences, scrambling themselves

Where a moment of honesty amounts to a self-betrayal

We are all out here, pilots and captains, tricking each other


The brightest navigation star

Some autochthones call it Coyote Star

It beats where a dog’s heart would beat,

Propeller of song, the song dog,

The howls that connect us in the night

The shipping lanes of traffic and meaning,

The navigation maps of intention

Why would you use a trickster star to navigate by?

Unless part of communication is to not be understood straightforward

That the pleasure of communication is to lead people on

With sleight-of-hand, sleight-of-word,

But you shouldn’t feel slighted

For we do not only communicate to deliver information

But to express ourselves

And then it becomes art

In the way we say things, in what we reveal, and in what we time-release

It is a dance of veils, this legerdemain

And I watch the star veils dropping, undulating,

The ships passing through them

Signaling each other or withholding signal

This is the path they make in the akash

This is the path they mark of intention and release

And above me and including me is the firmament

That once people perceived as a dome

But that exploded, as perceptions explode

As stories give way to allow new stories

And now there is only the limitless field,

Abolishing dimensions,

And I the one perched on an agate dome

On this beach of stars reflecting in soaked, volcanic sand.

Many bridges connect the two halves of a city

And stitch over the rivers between us

Wormholes to bridge the dimensions

To bring our inner world to the outer

Here, let me show it to you.

When I look behind me, I see paw tracks instead of footprints.

Image from FinnAir/I Wish I Was in Finland

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