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It is a common issue for many of us in the modern world. We know that our eating habits are far from healthy, but we feel that we simply don’t have the time to change them. I recently had a bluecrest health screening reviews of my health and am going to make some conscious changes to my diet.

Well, the truth is, that doesn’t really make for a good excuse for making poor choices when it comes to your diet. In fact, time isn’t too much of a factor when it comes to eating healthier.

With this in mind, we have put together 6 quick fixes to help you to eat healthier, and best of all, they really are simple and easy to put in place.

Get your 5 a day

We all know that eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each and every day is important for our health. But it is surprising how many people simply don’t do it.

The idea behind eating your 5 a day is easy. First of all, try to include a variety of different vegetables in your lunches and dinners, that way you will be sure to up your consumption. You can take this one step further by having fruit as your snack, or as a topping on your breakfast.

Blueberries are great when added to cereal, and a quick on the go snack comes in the form of a banana.

Cut out refined sugars

There are not many of us that can resist a sugary treat, but if they are becoming habit, then maybe it is time to take a step back from sugar.

Refined sugars are not great for you, they offer no nutritional value, yet are packed full of calories. This means that not only are they bad for your teeth, but they are not great for your body either!

Eat less fried foods

Do you often find yourself frying things for your dinner? The grease is not only all over your hands, but it could be heading into your blood too. This means that you are more at risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol which puts you at a higher chance of developing heart disease.

Try to replace your usual frying buddies for low fat alternatives, or simply do not add any fat at all. Just make sure that you have a good quality non-stick pan.

Have less take-aways

We all love a take-away dinner every now and then, but they are not quite so kind to our health. No matter which cuisine you go for, take-aways are often high in fat, high in calories and high in salt.

All things that are a big red mark against your wellbeing. Make sure that they are an occasional treat, rather than a weekly dinner.

Try Meat Free Mondays

Meat Free Mondays is really taking off at the moment, and with good reason. Not only does it show dedicated meat eaters that there are some delicious meat free recipes out there, but it also can up their veggie intake too. Whilst we need protein, eating too much meat, especially red meat can be bad news for your digestive system.

Don’t forget to review it

If you have made the effort to try and eat healthier then it is a good idea to sit down and review how well you have done on a regular interval. To start with this could be after one month, but this can soon move to every 2 months, or even as little as yearly once you are really established into your routine.

So, now you know, eating better doesn’t have to be a battle, in fact, it is easy to eat healthy, especially when you follow our quick and simple tips at Bluecrest Health Screening Site.

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