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Bluecrest Health Screening empower their customers to have accurate knowledge about their current health and encourage them to take an active role in managing it.

An array of medical instruments, monitors and chemical supplies are littered across a table. The bed is set up in the corner where machines are on standby to measure the function of your heart, cables crawl across the room to entwine around your body and determine the risks related to your current lifestyle. Bluecrest Health Screening assesses your health and empowers you to improve upon it. I am waiting to be tested with my wife, Wendy, repeating profusely, “My blood pressure is going to be sky high after this”, highlighting the dreaded white coat syndrome.

Bluecrest Health Screening

Bluecrest Health Screening was founded to offer convenient and affordable health screening options to the public that enabled them to avoid the dreaded waiting lists of the NHS. Over the years the NHS has buckled with pressure due to the high demands of our longer living population, reiterating why it is vital more of the nation acquire private medical insurance.

Lifestyle choices can dramatically decrease the risk of developing serious conditions and attempt to lessen the NHS’ load. The specialist at the Bluecrest Health Screening, Katie White offered tips, ‘Check your blood pressure regularly. Look at your diet and eat less salt: it’s a silent killer and it is hidden in everything.”

Heart disease costs the NHS £14 billion each year. The alternative, Bluecrest offers private specialised screening sessions, ultimately allowing you to feel more at ease and take control of your own health.

The health screen offers thorough tests on a variety of conditions including vital organ function and cancer checks. To begin with the nurses concentrate on your heart to assess the risks of heart disease, hardening of the arteries and atrial fibrillation- as heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK.

Through the assessments Bluecrest point out your immediate health risks with a detailed report, highlighting aspects of your lifestyle you have to change.

Health Rewards Vitality, a health and life insurance provider offers 50% discounts on Bluecrest Screening. They encourage you to improve your health and reward you for doing so. By completing a Bluecrest health screening, you can receive vitality points to build your vitality status. The more vitality points you have, the greater amounts of benefits you can receive.

As a Health and life insurance company, Health Rewards are dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our customers. We know the importance of maintaining our health and offer customers the best chance to sustain their healthy lifestyle with our rewards and partners. Bluecrest support the fundamental beliefs that Health Rewards represent: they help you to understand your health, enable you to take control of it and encourage you to change your lifestyle.

Bluecrest Health Screening

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