Bluecrest Health Screening Review Your Health By Conducting Various Tests

They have a network of mobile clinics that they set up over the country. Customers who take up their screening service come to a clinic which is set up at a location based in the UK or Ireland. They then undertake a variety of checks as part of the screening which they look at Heart disease, stroke, liver and kidney disease as well as checks for lung function. After they complete the tests they send out a full color report, usually within 2 weeks of the health check being taken.

The checks are designed to give people the chance to take control of their health taking a more preventative approach to health and wellbeing. If you know you are informed you can make better decisions about treatment as well as lifestyle choices to help you lead a heathier life and maybe prevent problems arising before they become serious.

There are other providers in the UK but from what I can see these are the market leaders and offer best value for a wide variety of tests and checks available. The Bluecrest Health Screening Reviews look good as well; I have looked over the internet and have found some positive feedback on forums. They appear to offer a really in depth look at your health and this gives you the chance to detect problems at an early stage rather than wait for a problem to arise and then treat it.

As part of research into the company I checked with the Care Quality Commission who is an independent regulator of health and social care to see that they were an accredited company and had passed all the necessary checks. They ensure health and social care companies provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care. They regularly monitor and inspect businesses to make sure they reach suitable standards of quality.

Bluecrest Health Screening checks are performed at a local hotel or meeting room which is where I’m guessing they save money on running actual locations. They pass this on to the customer though and you can get a health check for as little as £99. That is an amazing price!!! For checks with the likes of BUPA or BMI the costs start at £344 for the BMI Select basic and go up from there.