Launched — Ladies UTOPIAN CHAPTER, Powai, Mumbai.

Many friends kept complaining I am not doing anything for them. Agreed I had been busy and occupied with personal and professional commitments.

I was so engrossed with work, I didn’t realise I had neglected my little infant, my NGO, THE PEEPAL PEA FOUNDATION — PPF.

It’s non-funded for a reason, I didn’t want to corrupt it and not allow people who donate to dominate and interfere with my work.

It’s a research based NGO mostly, and with what we friends put in, I educate some poor kids and now going into health care of poor kids.

As part of my NGO, I organised a talk yesterday by a spine specialist, Dr.Relina Peris. Small group of ladies attended and we enjoyed the talk and the meet a lot.

I will be doing more in the future and hope all are able to benefit from this. Time well spent and opened up thought process and created awareness.

As a corporate trainer I do all areas of training but my niche is in STRESS MANAGEMENT and LIFESTYLE AND CONFLICT AREAS. and I also do for RELATIONSHIP SKILLS AND OFFICE ETHICS and am also a personal TRAINER/MENTOR/ COACH.

Plan to organise talks and workshops for kids and men as well in the future and hope we evolve and educate the society around us and create a true UTOPIA.

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