Character Study — Usagi Tsukino

So this is how the general formula for my character studies will go. I’ll pick a character from any fandom of my choosing, and do a short analysis on what makes them a good/bad character, what their strengths are, and what their weaknesses are. Perhaps later on once I get more comfortable with this, I may go in depth and perhaps to short fanfiction pieces on them to see how well I can keep to their Original Character.

Due to me having recently caught up on the Sailor Moon Crystal anime, I’ve decided to scrap my last idea of a character study (was going to Aelin and Rowan from Throne of Glass) and instead I am going to focus on Usagi Tsukino!

Please keep in mind, there will be spoilers. Sailor Moon has been out since the early 90’s. Pretty sure that makes everything free game.

In the beginning of both the manga, anime and reboot, Usagi starts off as an average 14 year old junior high student in Tokyo Japan. Her hobbies are hanging out at the Crown Arcade, sleeping, eating and hanging out with her friends discussing romance. During her not so normal hours, she is the pretty suited sailor soldier, Sailor Moon! She seems to like the colours pink, silver and white, and can often be wearing them or using them in her decor and accessories.

What makes her a good or bad character?

In my opinion, most of all, what makes Usagi a good character, is that aside from her senshi powers and status as an ancient princess, she is extremely relatable among teenage girls. She doesn’t like homework like most teenagers do. All she wants is to be a normal girl. She loves hanging out with her best friends and dreaming about a romance. She is not perfect. She has her strengths and flaws just like anyone else. She is clumsy. She doesn’t get the best grades. She is happy go lucky and cheerful and everyone wants to be around her.

What are her strengths?

She has the best intentions in everything she does. There is no malicious intent behind most of her actions. This causes many people to look up to her and gravitate around her.

She believes in everyone around her. This belief and goodness can make anyone, even some of the most heart hardened, switch sides to the light.

A literal strength is her Silver Crystal. She could use that thing to rule the universe but instead, she uses it to protect the universe instead from chaos and evil.

She will always be there for you as a friend. She likes to help out others, especially her friends.

What are her weaknesses?

She is extremely naive, something which her outer senshi have pointed out to her time and time again. As an example, Uranus and Neptune were reluctant to join with Sailor Moon’s team to find the talismans, because they were thinking of sacrificing the few to save the many, instead of a way to save everyone. Granted, Sailor Moon managed to prevail in the end, but in the real world with no magical artefaects or instruments, most usually it is sacrifice the few to save the many. The real world is harsh.

She does not pay enough attention to her studies. If she is going to be queen of the world, one would think she would study just a little harder so that she will be a successful ruler in the future. Now, granted she is just a teenager. That affords her some slack, and the fact that she will live for 1000 years + she will most likely pick up many things in her life time. Perhaps near the end of high school she finally decides to get her bum into gear and studies political science or something.

Her do-gooding. It’s going to get her hurt and taken advantage of one day and indeed does get her hurt when she tries to help Hotaru who is encased in Mistress 9.

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