Anodos (ANDS) Resurrected and Alive

After many long days and nights of cramping our hands and fingers with coding, tiring our brains with numbers, strategies, and testing, as well as neglecting family members, we can finally present to you the Anodos 2.0 Wallet! All 3 platforms are represented with Anodos 2.0. Yes, even you Mac users.

You are now all free to download the wallet for your OS of choice. Mandatory warning:


The coins are NOT compatible. You will lose your coins if you try to send them from one wallet to the other, and we can not recover them. The new Anodos 2.0 runs on the X16R algorithm. It’s a far more Asic resistant, and far more GPU and CPU friendly algo.

Swap details were released August 18 and we have swapped over 1.5 million coins already. The swap continues for 5 days and stragglers will be considered on a case by case basis. Investors who did not remove their coins from CryptoBridge before the swap date will also be accommodated after we have finished with the wallet swaps. You will need to provide a screen shot with a time stamp showing that the coins were purchased before the announced cut off time of block 100,001. That block was reached on 8/18/18.

The new masternode install script is posted in discord and we already have 117 masternodes running. There are also 5 mining pools available for our coin. CryptoBridge will soon have the new ANDS coin available for trading.

If you haven’t joined our project yet and are interested in learning more, the discord channel is: